Friday, 27 July 2007

Steve the Roman...with no trousers....and a laurel wreath...

Well here Steve is, at Ma's with his legs out. We are all full of Spag Bol and wine and after the week that felt like 4 at work, I'm really looking forward to the weekend!!! Steve, enjoy fairies across the mersey - I'm sure you'll have a great time!!!

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Steve the Roman!!!!

Well, yes most of you were right.... Steve is going as a Roman!!! Costume all made now apart from the laurel wreath! I made poor Steve try on the costume and then stand on a stool in the foyer of the Library at lunch time today so we could check the length and then took photo's!!!

Luckily he found all of this hilarious too, I just hope he isn't too cold in it (I couldn't talk him into a longer toga, he wants to show off his legs!!!!)

The Tailor's Apprentice

I've been really busy getting something together for the lovely Steve and his fancy dress do at the weekend.... I've had some assistance from Dougal who has been offering his services as a large pin holding two pieces of fabric together!!!

I've done as much as I can now and there will be a final fitting tomorrow which I shall post about soon.... can anyone guess what he's going dressed as from this little pile......?

Well its rather late - I'm gonna have a cup of tea and go to bed!

Monday, 23 July 2007

Coming soon to a blog near you... a proper post....

Well I've been a busy lady... working... and...... erm (shhh... reading Harry Potter...)

..... I've finished it now, so I'll post soon... and Papoosue... :)

Tuesday, 17 July 2007


I ended up staying at LSM's on Sat night, waking up on Sunday morning to the following sight....

Lucy was there too but too quick for me to fetch the camera!!! I particularly love the way he puts his head on the pillow, he is either reincarnated or he thinks he absolutely is human!!!

I got a few bargains at the car boot sale, some little egg coddlers with cute birdies on them and some tea knives, perfect for scones and afternoon tea.
Once the knives have had a polish and a clean up (they were held together with sellotape) they'll be fab!! We were quite lucky with the weather too.. we just missed this....

Talk about dancing down!!! Still it sounds like Sophers has had something a little more torrential in Togo!!! Have a pop over to Togo Watch to see whats going on!

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Mummy's makings

When Sophers, Bertie and I were nippers and mum used to bake, we used to call whatever came out as mummy's makings, can't remember why, you'll have to ask her! Well she has been making although not baking for me. She has made me an mbira bag so that I can cart it around in style!!! I made one for Sopher's and hadn't thought about making one for me and she surprised me with it on Wednesday evening! So without further ado.... here it is!!!

Isn't it fab!! complete with vintage buttons and everything!!! My mbira seems to love it too, its exactly the right size and here it is all snuggled in its padded protector!!!!

I must admit I did know about LSM's dislike for HP, but I still cannot control myself... only 1 more week and I shall be glued and unable to speak rationally for weeks afterwards (I'd better warn my colleagues... or do I need a week off....??!!!!!)

Well its off to bed for me soon.... Car boot in the morning.....

Thursday, 12 July 2007


I've been tagged... again... this time by Sophie Honeysuckle... the task... well I have to reveal eight random things about me.

so here we go...

1: I absolutely cannot work pencil sharpeners, don't know why... just can't
2: I'm a soppy romantic and it takes very little to make me cry with happiness.... an old couple crossing the road hand in hand... a kitten sneezing... its a curse let me tell you
3: I have an absolutely filthy mind, I tell jokes that make grown men blush which I blame on my father and my uncle for teaching me rugby songs.... (so does my mother)
4: I have a huge crush on Stephen Fry, he is my ideal man..... apart from the fact he takes the train rather than the bus
5: I love really bad action films, Steven Segal, Die Hard, Lethal Weapon...
6: I worry I have OCD... I have set routines for doing strange stuff including the fact I check that I have all my cards in my purse every night before I go to bed... I've even practised getting out of my house with my eyes shut in the dark in case there was ever an emergency... (I can't believe I've just posted that...)
7: Despite the fact I'd love to have a houseful of children I've never pictured myself married or with a partner, its always just been me and the children...
8: I've done well in my career up to this point, but other than applying for jobs I've never, ever actively planned it out...

I hope that they aren't too bad, but they are indeed random so in that respect fulfill requirements!!! I will post tomorrow about the FABULOUS Mbira bag mum has knitted for me, its a karmic thing - I knitted Sopher's!

I'm having trouble thinking of people to tag, so if you read this and you fancy having a go, please go for it!

Monday, 9 July 2007

I wanna be in the double-ewe eye !!!

It has been a source of discussion in the house of Ma that we wanna join the WI, especially after watching the WI series that they are showing on BBC 4...(did you see it - oh the power struggles!) One of Mum's neighbours is in a local group and if she agrees she might have 4 new members, Sophie, Mum, me and another local blogger (what say you Jo????) We'd be great at cakes and mass I being wierd wanting to join the WI when only 30.... (is Sophers mad at 26???!!!) They might not want us yet.... Watch this space!

As of daft o'clock this morning Sophers was winging her way to Togo, via Paris. I've added the link of the group leader under Togo watch, he has promised to blog lots so keep your eyes peeled for news!

Thanks for all the cheer up well wisher commenters and e-mailers, I've now pulled up my socks and I'm ready to take on the world one cup of tea at a time!!!! (poor world!!!)

Friday, 6 July 2007

Miss Tired of Tired Town

What a week this has been!!! The interviews went well on monday and we managed to recruit which is good, but with one thing and another work has generally been a nightmare and I'm soooooo glad this week is finally at an end, although I do feel rather churlish after all that has happened over the last week, from the floods to the security threats that punctuated last weekend and the abduction of another child this time in Nigeria. It is also the anniversary of the terrorist attacks in london tomorrow, what times we live in 'eh?

I'm going to sign off and grab a beer before I get too morose and hopefully return with a brighter mood tomorrow when I do some of the stuff that was planned for last weekend and then from Monday, Mummykins and I will commence Togo watch.....