Friday, 30 October 2009

it's nearly November....

so I thought I'd better update you!

Sorry it's been sooooo long (bad sarah, naughty sarah) however I'm here now! Oh the news... well some news...

My baby sister is moving in with me

I'm a little scared because
a: I've lived on my own for 7 years!it's going to be v odd with someone else there
b: I've got sooo much stuff I need to get rid of
c: I'm going to freak her out completely with my madness
d: she'll scare me with her efficiency

I'm looking forward to it because
a: we get on well
b: it'll save us both lots of cash (all the better for spending in Cath K!)
c: she gets to have a garden for growing things
d: we can share the cooking

But wait - I haven't finished yet (had to sneak that in somewhere Margaret - I've been singing cat like tread in my's not been a pretty sound!)

Afore mentioned baby sister and I have just returned from a trip to see my Aunt and Uncle including a brilliant trip to Aldeburgh. After the best fish and chips on I believe the face of the earth we had a walk along the front to see the Benjamin Britten sculpture on the beach. It's beautiful. I'm a big fan of coastal sculpture, well sculpture in general really and it was such a treat to be able to see it up close. We are lucky locally after all with Gormley's another view on crosby beach (I'm told it's good luck to touch his... erm... appendage...yes that's a suitable enough word...) but getting close to the Britten, perhaps because of it's scale was brilliant and I've got lots of inspiration for pottery class sculpture sessions!

See told you it was great!

Aldeburgh itself is lovely too, with cute little houses in pastel colours, huge seagulls and little fishing boats.

So big thank you to Margaret and Adrian for having us to stay, ferrying us round to beautiful places, taking us out for lunch (I'm still full) sending us home with homemade Jam and apples, telling us things about our family history we never knew AND inducting us in the ways of pirates with purple trousers!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

still here...

gosh, it's been a while hasn't it! I am still around. Back soon!