Friday, 27 June 2008

So - is anyone sick of the Superlambanana's yet?!!!

Well I did promise more photo's so you've got 'em!
I got the backbitternbanana at lunchtime on Wednesday when Steve and I went for lunch at the Catholic Cathedral's restaurant (we are ladies that lunch darling) I think this is the funniest one.

I've no idea what he was laughing at but there you go... Perhaps the lambanana said something amusing - I wonder what it was.... answers on a postcard....

Beryl Sebastian No. 57

Beryl Sebastian No. 57
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24hourSuperlambanana No.58

24hourSuperlambanana No.58
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BackBitternBanana Front No. 72

Monday, 23 June 2008

Quilt Show - Glutton for punishment! Invitation

As some of you may remember, Mum, Jenny and I went to the Quilt Show in Birmingham last year. I enjoyed looking at the fabric etc, however I was unsurprisingly non-plussed by the behaviour of a lot of the attendees, most of whom when confronted with a young person who behaved in the same way would have a great deal to say about it, and quite rightly so. I’ve decided to go on own this year, I don’t mind getting stroppy with middle aged and elderly harridans who annoy me, but I felt like I should at least show some decorum last year so as not to get Mum and Jenny thrown out. I still want to go ( I do realise I said I'd NEVER go again - womans perogative to change her mind!), and whilst I'm not adverse to attending on my own, I suspect there will be some other bloggers there and it is always nice to have a cup of tea with someone! So – I’m throwing this open, should there be any bloggers going this year – would anyone like to have a meet up? We can form an “I’ll watch your stuff whilst you do this” committee, assist in fending off any evil old biddies (I’ll practice my best scouse – that’ll frighten ‘em) caution against daft purchases and support and come up with plausible reasons for brilliant ones! Plus a few words of advice if you are going incognito and you haven't been before – take plenty to drink (queue’s are long) a packed lunch (food prices extortionate) a large bag for purchases (and beating the evil ones) and a mobile (for triangulation!) and don't forget to sharpen your elbows....

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

More Superlambananas!

More slb's!

Another SuperlambananaI made my poor Father drive round the roundabout twice and the photo isn't marvellous, but I'll walk round at some point and get a better one!
This is called Peel and the Artist is Lisa Parry. No. 99 On the Airport Roundabout in Speke.

On the other side of the roundabout from Peel is this one! This is no. 98 and the artists were Wade Deacon Arts Team, produced by Sophie Backhouse and Ian Town.
A Liverpool Campus superlambanana, no. 73, artist is Jeanne-Marie Kenny. This is wearing the graduation gown from the Uni. Just outside Blackwells on Brownlow Hill.

Another Liverpool Campus slb! This is sitting outside of the Harold Cohen Library. No. 74, Artist is Vince Cleghorne with the Kensington Youth Inclusion Project.

Another view from the front!!

More to come soon!

Monday, 16 June 2008

Its safe to come out now!

Mystery Misery Funk has now departed, thank you to all well wishers, I'll get back to you all individually, but all messages were gratefully received cheers!!!

The superlambanana parade has begun today in Liverpool... Pop along and have a look - I'm going to try and photograph and post as many as I can, although if there is someone at Euston Station in London - please post or photograph the one there for me???!!!!! or even up Moel Famau! There are 119 in all (including the original) so get out there and find one today!

So... No.76 Superkalazarbanana, outside Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, I'm off to get some more at Lunchtime with Steve so..... watch out Liverpool...!

Isn't she great!

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Liverpool I love you I hate you

Today, even more than usual I'm suffering with a distinct melancholy. I have always been known to extol the virtues of Liverpool, it is, in the main a great place, people always thank the bus driver, we have great second hand bookshops, our own Banksy, but over the last few days I've been seeing it's ugly side. I've had abuse hurled out of car windows at me, none of which has even had the decency to be funny, if you must insult me fine - at least make it funny. I've been seeing the grimier sides of the city, the drunks hanging out in the sun fighting, junkies shooting up behind walls where they thing no-one can see them. Must do something to bring me out of this funk I'm in, it makes me tired, uncreative, headachy and sullen. I've not sketched anything, photographed anything or done any sewing or knitting all week. I've not even read anything, not one thing. For a woman with a three book a week habit - that's not good. I'm even spreading my misery by posting here (feel free to deliver a cyber slap) Right, there is only one thing for it, I'm going to have to watch Die Hard. Yippee Kai Yay....

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Viva La Republique!

Well it's been an eventful few weeks since I last posted... lots of madness that we shall just have to gloss over, but last weekend, a community event overtook most things. For those that don't know, Liverpool has been awarded European Capital of Culture 2008. To that end, where I live in a small area called Garston, was one of the areas chosen to have it's own focal point. There has been a focus for a number of years on bringing art and all things cultural to Garston and we now have the Garston Cultural Embassy, designed by artist Michael Trainor.

The celebration on Saturday saw the arrival of the President and his weapon of mass attraction (don't be rude) to declare independence! There was a parade and local groups performing all led by a local pirate who with the help of some dodgy diamonds helped Garston in the 18th C!!!

So despite an attempted assasination attempt the new President was installed, promising no more parking fines or council tax for the citizens of Garston (thank you!) and told us of the large olive oil deposits that have been discovered underneath the Embassy (yippee - we are rich!) and urged us all to use creativity to build the future of this fine area!

So.... come to Garston.... just remember to bring your passport!!!!