Sunday, 31 May 2009

Gorgeously gorgeous weekend!

Sorry no posting until now - been too busy enjoying the weather

Liking: The warmer weather
Listening: Louis Armstrong
Enjoying: Strawberries, yum!
Getting: Blonder with every trip to the hairdressers!
Wishing: That I didn't have to go back to work tomorrow
Looking forward to: Pottery back on Tuesday! Yay!

Photo of the weekend: Bees are going to make a dramatic comeback - especially if ma and pa's garden is anything to go by...

No post yesterday - sorry too busy enjoying the weather!

Friday, 29 May 2009


Another week over - how fast was that!

Today I'm...

Loving: This AMAZING Photo on Flickr
Reading: Still on Tenant of Wildfell Hall - I'm not enjoying it - should I give it up? any thoughts?
Drinking: Water - it's good for you. It's what Lions drink
Listening: Bach and more spooky tales on the radio, is anyone else listening to the children of witchwood on radio7 ? - If not - catchup here, it's great!
Looking forward to: A trip to the hairdressers

No picture of the day today - have a look here and pick your own fave

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Thursday full of Bob

Dylan that is...

Every so often I get stuck on an album and I just can't get enough of it for a few weeks, at the moment it's "another side of Bob Dylan" my favourites being Chimes of Freedom and To Ramona...

Reading: The tenant of wildfell hall (every time I type this I type Wilfred hall and have to correct it!)
Listening: Bob of course with some Mendelsohn (Violin Concerto in E minor) interdispersed!
Drinking: Nowt...
Liking: That it's nearly the weekend
Looking forward to: getting my hair done on Saturday morning - anyone any preference on colour for this month?
Coveting: This print on etsy from the black apple so much that I just had to have it!

Photo of the day.... what do you recon - shall I go back to the purple?

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Wet Wednesday

Today's little list

Reading: The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
Listening: To spooky tales on the radio
Coveting: This actually I'm coveting all of it!
Looking forward to: The rain actually stopping
Glad: That the week is half over and it's nearly time for the weekend
Drinking: Tea
Missing: Pottery - no class this week as half term BOO!
Making: oooh I don't know - I feel the urge to knit sommink!

Well, I'm trying not to let rain stop play but it's very wet and miserable out there so today's photo is this video I found on the web - it just made me laugh!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009


I've been bad at the daily posting again I know - still it's better than I anticipated I'd be!

Liking: The bright sunny weather!
Looking forward to: The week ahead
Reading: Blogs, I need to have a proper catch-up
Wishing: My friend John who is getting married very soon lots of luck and best wishes to him and his beautiful bride!
Listening to: Mbira music on Spotify
Making: Placenta's - more about them coming soon!
Coveting: This beautiful necklace by Abigail Percy

Photo of the day: A picture of the group Culture at Africa Oye, which is just around the corner again!

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Sunny Sunday

Well it's now Sunday evening here in Sunny Liverpool, and it was sunny today judging on the vast amount of flesh I saw on display on the streets...

Drinking: My 3rd pot of tea of the day
Liking: The fact that it's bank hol monday tomorrow = no work!!!!
Looking forward to: A nice Bertie Birthday BBQ tomorrow (26 you old trollop)
Reading: A book on Jacob Epstein. I've finished the other one at last - it was great, I think I'll have to get the next one in the series
Listening to: Bob Dylan and Bud Flanagan again!
Making: Cutting papers and patches for Mum's patchwork

Image of the day: The Librarian Action Figure - left to look after the Library all on her own tomorrow - no doubt she'll do a better job than me!

Friday, 22 May 2009

Friday you couldn't have arrived soon enough!

It seems that the weather forecasters are predicting a lovely sunny and warm weekend (I'll believe that when I see it!)

Drinking: Nice big glass of water
Reading: Still not finished the book - too much time spent in the pub (ahem)
Listening to: George Formby and Bud Flanagan
Looking forward to: A nice long bank holiday weekend!
Liking: the food in a recently opened local pub The Stables Sophers, Anna and I sampled some of their bar snacks last night, we recommend all of them!
Making: A mess - everywhere!

Photo of the day: Dougal - because he's not very well bless him.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Isn't youtube brilliant

I'm a big fan of Flight of the Conchords and as a little extra post I thought I'd add this... if you've never seen or read the Lord of the Rings, here it is in a nutshell!

Halfway through the week already!

I can't believe it's Wednesday! What a mad old week it's been.

Liking: The smell of the new washing tablets I've just used
Listening: Muse and Glenn Miller (I know it's an odd combination)
Drinking: Hopefully a cup of tea, the milk is a little suspect...
Reading: Still reading the book from yesterday - was too tired last night to read which almost always never happens
Making: or should that be taking? Photographs
Coveting: An afternoon spent here
Looking forward to: The long bank hol weekend and Bertie's Birthday!

Photo of the day: Picture of sculpture in progress, inspired by Wilfred Owen (I promise it'll make more sense when finished!)

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

It's good to tidy up...

I've been going through some stuff at home and isn't it amazing what you find that you thought was lost forever, like the contents of a box that I thought was on a train somewhere between Glasgow and Preston!

Liking: Finding the box full of tiny patchwork!
Looking forward to: Finishing my book... it's a nailbiter...
Reading: Just about to finish the Henning Mankell Faceless Killers
Listening: The Specials and Rufus Wainright
Enjoying: Singing along
Making: A mess in pottery class

Photo of the day: Tiny patchwork found again! (4cm x4cm) all done the traditional "English" way with papers

Monday, 18 May 2009

Mad Monday

Well that weekend didn't last very long did it...
I'm actually glad to be back at work, lots of hard work in the pipeline, I like it more when it's in it's anticipatory stage though:)

Listening: Benny Goodman & Bud Flanagan (underneath the arches...) oh I was born after my time!
Looking forward to: Pottery Class
Wishing: for inspiration
Drinking: About to make 4th cup of tea of the day
Making: It's a secret (shh)
Enjoying: Planning Big Si's 60th and retirement do - not 'til August but oh have we got plans for you Mr Simon!
Liking: Posy's mosaics
Feeling relieved for: Sandi and Sonny

Picture of the day: Sopher's lovely flowers from Ma's 60th party... how many of these was it Sophers?... 27... 28?!!!

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Sleepy Sunday

Listening: Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, and Flight of the Conchords
Reading: How to feed your whole family a healthy, balanced diet with very little money... etc. got for £2.99 from a local bargain book place (looking for end of the month recipe inspiration!)
Watching: or rather watched! The Lady Vanishes
Liking: Watching the blackbirds nesting in Ma's Clemetis and Honeysuckle
Looking forward to: Pottery Class on Tuesday night
Making: Sketches for next Figurative Sculpture
Wishing: That it hadn't rained.... it might not be worth wishing that it doesn't tomorrow!Drinking: About to make a pot of tea!

Picture of the Day: Andrew... my first proper figurative Sculpture

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Is it really our time...?

Listening: The Eurovision song contest
Reading: Marie Claire Idees (ma and pa have brought me three editions back from France!)
Drinking: Thinking about opening a bottle of wine...
Making: Still on the placentas and the aprons
Enjoying: The weekend
Liking: Trying to dicipher the French instructions in Marie Claire Idees

Photo of the day: ...mmmm...... let me think.... Marie Claire Idees!!!

Friday, 15 May 2009


I've been feeling a bit ambivalent blogwise recently. My posting rate is getting worse, but I still want to do it. So... in an effort to start everyday posting I'm just going to write a few lines about my day until I feel more chatty!

Reading: Faceless Killers by Henning Mankell
Listening: The Divine Comedy - A short album about love
Drinking: Tea
Liking: Jacob Epstein - Looking at Dickie Lewis in a whole new light now!
Making: More sculpture, Aprons, Banners and Placentas
Looking forward to: The weekend
Enjoying: re-watching the recent BBC adaptation of Sense and Sensibility

Picture of the Day: Taken last weekend in ma and pa's garden

Thursday, 14 May 2009

hello blondie...

My mother will be pleased, I've gone back to my blonde roots... literally

It still feels odd not being a more vibrant colour, but I must say I'm quite liking it at the moment. I haven't blogged for ages, I have no excuses especially as I've just had a week off work, but I enjoyed not having to do very much, getting up late, watching films, sewing Placentas... (long story will post about it soon), drinking tea... when of course I could get the teacup away from Dougal...

I went to answer the door and by the time I got back he had drunk half the cup!

Now that I've gone back to work I find myself wanting to post - that's me though - arbitrary! We've been actively going through the book stock in at work (I'm a Librarian) and identifying things we need to throw out and things we need to update when a colleague came across the following which made us all laugh...

not a very interesting thing to blog about I hear you say.... take another look at the publisher....

yes... that's right... Mills and Boon... who knew they published books about inorganic chemistry! You really do find out something new every day!