Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Happy Halloween!!!!

Well I finally did it... (no not learn how to post again, Cheek!)... finished my wings....

They were made from a big cardboard box, some padding, ripped black fabric (3 types) mesh and feathers, unfortunately you have to walk sideways and sit back to front on chairs!!!!

They don't look much here, Mum has the photo's of me fully dressed up so I'll have to get her to post them. I went as the Angel of Death, and my sister... well... she was The Vicar of Dibley! (photo taken by the lovely Lee who attended as Scooby Doo!! - I'm waiting to see if he'll let me post a piccy of him!)

The looney that is Steve was a little devil... this photo is great - the light from the lamppost looks like flames coming from his mouth!!!

Bless him!!! There is something great as an adult dressing up and pretending to be someone/thing else isn't there!!! So come on everyone what are you dressing up as....? I've shown you mine, you show me yours....!

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Dark Angel

I have a party to go to... a Halloween Party.... and yes I'm making another costume..... this one involves wings and lots of black eyeliner..... make way for the angel of doom..... (some may comment I don't need to dress up) anyone want to help me rip up black fabric and burn feathers.....????????? .....nope....??????????? didn't think so.... I'll be back with the photo's

Saturday, 13 October 2007

What exactly does happen "Under the pier"....

Well under Southwold pier not v much, you'd be a bit wet! On top of the pier though there a few things to attract the attention! (Don't worry Margaret and Adrian I shan't post "that" photo!!!) We rolled some pennies, looked at the funny amusements, including a zimmer across the motorway, automatic dog walking machine and an automatic groper, I MEAN FRISKER! (... groper!! :-) and a fab water-clock!

It was great! The men on the second layer "pop" out of their trousers and when they have... finished - or the water has run out (same difference I suppose) they drop back into them!

Later on that afternoon on our way back, we stopped at Thorpeness, a lovely little place. We parked by the boating lake, shouted "come in number seven, your times up!" just like Ringo Starr in A Hard Day's Night.

Can anyone see what is on the boating lake???? - yep, that's right - more birdies!!! We then went for a little walk to visit the "House in the Clouds" a old water tower converted in to a holiday rental! You need to save your pennies, It costs between £2K and £3K a week to rent...... It is fabulous however and you'd definitely remember your trip!

There is a very friendly local cat too!!!

We had a more sedate second day, Sophie and Adrian got up early for Mass in Chelmsford and Margaret and I (well I suspect it was only me really! ) had a lie in! After breakfast we had a walk through their fab garden, went for a walk and watched a glider being launched. They took me by surprise and so I didn't have my camera for that!!! We picked Damson's currently residing in some gin (quelle surprise!) and some conkers to ward off Spiders, but we left the blackberries alone (something to do with what the Devil and Cornish Witches had been doing to them) and sat down to a lunch of Roast Lamb and Summer Pudding. So as you can see we were completely spoiled!

After the Madness of the M6 and a stop off at Bertie's in Stoke we arrived home still full!

This weekend has been quiet in comparison, Farmer's market, Autumn fair and Borders! (I've saved the excitement of the washing for tomorrow) I shall show and tell on my next post what goodies the Autumn fair provided!

Hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend!!!!

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

The one in which it appears I'm a surreptitious twitcher.....

I've recovered now from my eventful weekend of visiting my Aunt and Uncle who live near Sudbury! Sophie and I left on Friday evening, negotiated the nightmare of the M6 and deposited ourselves on the poor unsuspecting people known as Margaret and Adrian. We fell into bed soon after we got there (and Sophers had found the stairs..... ahem) looking forward to the trip to Southwold the next day. Off we went (even more grateful as Adrian sacrificed the Rugby - above and beyond I think!!!) and what a day we had. Fab, and much anticipated fish and chips on the pier, a look at the Waterclock and the "under the pier show" (more on that on my next post) and then off for an explore!

There are some amazing beach huts all along the front, without a doubt my favourite was one called "Gin 'N' it"!!!!

Are they cute or what????! I can imagine spending many happy days summer and winter in a beach hut - I'd love one!!! (are you hearing me Father Christmas????!!)

We walked along the beach watching the people fishing and out in their boats

We then carried on up to where the sea meets the River Blyth, which is where I started with the Birdie pictures!!!!!

I'm aware that I've posted a few bird ones recently..... I must have a touch of Bill Oddie-itis (frightening isn't it!)

Well as you can see we had a great time - AND that was only the first part of the weekend.... tune in tomorrow to see what else we got up to...

Most important of all - Thanks to Margaret and Adrian for having us, and showing us some lovely places we've never been before, we had a great time!

Sophers and Sarah x

Thursday, 4 October 2007

And may I introduce to you... the worst blogger in the West!!!!

Oh I have not blogged for ages now. I promise I will be back with tales of this coming weekend's excursion with the one, the only.........ooooooohohhhhhh ...sopher's!!!!!.... until then I'm going to leave Hamish to watch over you all!!! I promise I'll get back to better programming on my return!!! Sarah x