Sunday, 2 December 2007

The reluctant blogger....

I've been reluctant about blogging recently. Not because I don't want to, it's just I'm rapidly approaching post 100 (this is 99) and I'm feeling the pressure to produce something brilliant (there is a first time for everything) so anyone out there what shall I write about??? I could go traditional and divulge 100 things about me, I could go entirely pictorial and photograph my day leading up to my hundreth post, I could go the whole pretend it's just like any other post route... Tell you what anyone out there, first time visitor, lurker, or previous commenter. Do you have a question? Feel free to ask it and I'll answer as part of my post as well as perhaps a representation from a few different options..... plus I'll tell you about the disaster that was my trip to the hairdressers yesterday.....

Monday, 19 November 2007

Christmas is coming FAST!

I know that Christmas is approaching with increasing velocity as today I chopped off November and December on my work planner and put the new one up as meetings are now starting to be booked in for January....ARGHHH If someone had told me that being a Librarian would mean I'd be soooo busy, I'd never have believed them. Even I, a new entrant to the profession suffered under the illusion of the bunned, specticled harridan with a penchant for pearls and tweed who read and sneered all day.

Right - another responsibility of Librarianship - attending a student revue!!!! where's the wine...

Update - One of the cheekiest students in his traditional dress ... and me with my wine (in a plastic cup - classy bird me!)

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Oh Simon how we love thee...

I've developed a huge crush....

Anyone who watches Autumn Watch will know what I mean....

He's lovely, he wears big jumpers and woolly hats and I come over all unnecessary when I see him on the telly... bless me... and bless him, the Lovely Simon King !!!

If you watched it, did you see the otters!!!! I love otters almost as much as Simon! (and Stephen Fry)

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Baby it's cold outside...

Up early on a Sunday morning I open the curtains to fog! I love fog. I love how it makes the trees look even more skeletal. I love that it feels like it's raining in slow motion. I love how the lampposts sneeze their light through the murk and I love the way I feel like I'm in one of my favourite Margery Allingham books, the Tiger in the Smoke.

This is the view from Ma and Pop's front door at about 7.30 this morning. Hamish and Dougal were, quite understandably I feel, rather reluctant to venture into it!

It's also mornings like this that firmly shove me into the Christmas spirit... I know I'm succumbing to the whole bloggers who decide to descend into Christmas early vibe, but we cannot help it I tell you, although I'm resisting putting White Christmas into the DVD player at Nine am on a foggy November morning (with a considerable amount of effort on my part as I'm here on my own, all wrapped up in my snuggly cardi and thick socks) I've now been "catched" by it all..... Catched by views like this...

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Scary "Lady"

Well here I am in all my glory...(no not that kind of glory - I don't wanna break the camera, or scare small children!!!!)

One from the front

and one from the back!

and as you can see, hair is now significantly darker than it was....are we liking it, or should I return to blonde like mother wants....? I have noticed that people take me much more seriously with the dark hair (plus it is closer to my natural colour... something I've rarely seen since I was 16!!!!!)

I will post all about the party when I've got permission from people to post photo's, I don't like doing that without asking (the whole Librarian thing and copyright/intellectual property is coming out in me!)

I have v exciting things this weekend, including a cultural event almost on my doorstep..... will tell all on Sunday......! As well as posting about an exciting parcel....!

I'll leave you with the photo of Lee (he said yes to putting the photo on!) as Scooby!

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Happy Halloween!!!!

Well I finally did it... (no not learn how to post again, Cheek!)... finished my wings....

They were made from a big cardboard box, some padding, ripped black fabric (3 types) mesh and feathers, unfortunately you have to walk sideways and sit back to front on chairs!!!!

They don't look much here, Mum has the photo's of me fully dressed up so I'll have to get her to post them. I went as the Angel of Death, and my sister... well... she was The Vicar of Dibley! (photo taken by the lovely Lee who attended as Scooby Doo!! - I'm waiting to see if he'll let me post a piccy of him!)

The looney that is Steve was a little devil... this photo is great - the light from the lamppost looks like flames coming from his mouth!!!

Bless him!!! There is something great as an adult dressing up and pretending to be someone/thing else isn't there!!! So come on everyone what are you dressing up as....? I've shown you mine, you show me yours....!

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Dark Angel

I have a party to go to... a Halloween Party.... and yes I'm making another costume..... this one involves wings and lots of black eyeliner..... make way for the angel of doom..... (some may comment I don't need to dress up) anyone want to help me rip up black fabric and burn feathers.....????????? .....nope....??????????? didn't think so.... I'll be back with the photo's

Saturday, 13 October 2007

What exactly does happen "Under the pier"....

Well under Southwold pier not v much, you'd be a bit wet! On top of the pier though there a few things to attract the attention! (Don't worry Margaret and Adrian I shan't post "that" photo!!!) We rolled some pennies, looked at the funny amusements, including a zimmer across the motorway, automatic dog walking machine and an automatic groper, I MEAN FRISKER! (... groper!! :-) and a fab water-clock!

It was great! The men on the second layer "pop" out of their trousers and when they have... finished - or the water has run out (same difference I suppose) they drop back into them!

Later on that afternoon on our way back, we stopped at Thorpeness, a lovely little place. We parked by the boating lake, shouted "come in number seven, your times up!" just like Ringo Starr in A Hard Day's Night.

Can anyone see what is on the boating lake???? - yep, that's right - more birdies!!! We then went for a little walk to visit the "House in the Clouds" a old water tower converted in to a holiday rental! You need to save your pennies, It costs between £2K and £3K a week to rent...... It is fabulous however and you'd definitely remember your trip!

There is a very friendly local cat too!!!

We had a more sedate second day, Sophie and Adrian got up early for Mass in Chelmsford and Margaret and I (well I suspect it was only me really! ) had a lie in! After breakfast we had a walk through their fab garden, went for a walk and watched a glider being launched. They took me by surprise and so I didn't have my camera for that!!! We picked Damson's currently residing in some gin (quelle surprise!) and some conkers to ward off Spiders, but we left the blackberries alone (something to do with what the Devil and Cornish Witches had been doing to them) and sat down to a lunch of Roast Lamb and Summer Pudding. So as you can see we were completely spoiled!

After the Madness of the M6 and a stop off at Bertie's in Stoke we arrived home still full!

This weekend has been quiet in comparison, Farmer's market, Autumn fair and Borders! (I've saved the excitement of the washing for tomorrow) I shall show and tell on my next post what goodies the Autumn fair provided!

Hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend!!!!

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

The one in which it appears I'm a surreptitious twitcher.....

I've recovered now from my eventful weekend of visiting my Aunt and Uncle who live near Sudbury! Sophie and I left on Friday evening, negotiated the nightmare of the M6 and deposited ourselves on the poor unsuspecting people known as Margaret and Adrian. We fell into bed soon after we got there (and Sophers had found the stairs..... ahem) looking forward to the trip to Southwold the next day. Off we went (even more grateful as Adrian sacrificed the Rugby - above and beyond I think!!!) and what a day we had. Fab, and much anticipated fish and chips on the pier, a look at the Waterclock and the "under the pier show" (more on that on my next post) and then off for an explore!

There are some amazing beach huts all along the front, without a doubt my favourite was one called "Gin 'N' it"!!!!

Are they cute or what????! I can imagine spending many happy days summer and winter in a beach hut - I'd love one!!! (are you hearing me Father Christmas????!!)

We walked along the beach watching the people fishing and out in their boats

We then carried on up to where the sea meets the River Blyth, which is where I started with the Birdie pictures!!!!!

I'm aware that I've posted a few bird ones recently..... I must have a touch of Bill Oddie-itis (frightening isn't it!)

Well as you can see we had a great time - AND that was only the first part of the weekend.... tune in tomorrow to see what else we got up to...

Most important of all - Thanks to Margaret and Adrian for having us, and showing us some lovely places we've never been before, we had a great time!

Sophers and Sarah x

Thursday, 4 October 2007

And may I introduce to you... the worst blogger in the West!!!!

Oh I have not blogged for ages now. I promise I will be back with tales of this coming weekend's excursion with the one, the only.........ooooooohohhhhhh ...sopher's!!!!!.... until then I'm going to leave Hamish to watch over you all!!! I promise I'll get back to better programming on my return!!! Sarah x

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Look Grandma a Fruck!!!!!!

There were, according to my father a large number of occasions that I took it upon myself to embarrass my poor parents. I suppose like most children I always took the most inappropriate times to do this, like for example the time when as a small child I asked him in company if condoms came in different sizes, I kid ye not I did... To put it in context it was when the first widely publicized cases of Aids and HIV were beginning to be reported in the press and well children pick up on things more than adults realise and I was obviously curious! Well to carry on a theme, I had various sayings when I was little, inside out became "outside long", reflections became "beflections" and frogs became "frucks", all very innocent apart from when your Grandma doesn't hear what you said quite rightly and poor parents are left to explain, "SHE MEANS FROGS!!!!!!" I was reminded of this when one came to visit the other day specially to frighten Hamish. Poor little sausage, some ornamental pond nearby is missing a resident me thinks!

I finished the sorting hat, much to Sopher's delight, I'm not sure if it managed to sort people into proper houses, but with only a few days to work on it it was the best she was getting out of me!

Its going to come in rather handy for her housewarming party too (Halloween theme anyone) I'm about to start on my costume which will involve lots of ripping up of black material and feathers!
Speaking (or writing) of the Sophers, she, I and a few of her friends went to the Hope Street Festival on Sunday. It was a great day, we went to a free Concert at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall ( a fabulous Art Deco Building and listened to the Orchestra play some fabulous Mendelssohn and Grieg (see the classical music listings I've just added to the sidebar) and went to the Farmer's market and the craft fair where I bought a dinky brooch from a fab stall have a look at some of their ware's at

Cute ain't it!!!! made from old receipts pasted onto a jigsaw piece! We saw some street theatre, some buskers and walked past one of the most famous buildings in Liverpool, the Anglican Cathedral... which has given me a great idea for my next post.......

See you on the Flypaper!

Thursday, 13 September 2007

The one in which you'd wished you'd kept your gob shut or.."Be Careful what you offer to do...."

Well, the short version is I have to make a sorting hat... (it doesn't have to sort - although Sophie says if I can make it talk she'd be "fine" with that) by next Wednesday.... Well that is my weekend sorted!!;-)

Although I'm quite looking forward to KnitFlicks at the Picturehouse at FACT cinema here in Liverpool. Any other Scouse bloggers up for it???? If you are there wear a rose in your lapel!!!!! He Heee Heee! They are showing Atonement on Sat afternoon with the lights slightly raised in order for loonies like me to sit and knit through it!!! How cool is that, and then I've to dye Susie Q's hair and then teach her how to make Stew..... poor girl has missed out on this!!! Susie Q is Sophers housemate and the major news in that arena is I suppose that my mate Steve (see previous Steve the Roman posts for this) is going to be moving in with them as one of their flatmates moves out at the end of the month!!! (Oh the fun they are going to have with you and your madness eh Steviepops??!!!!)

I'm still rather lurgied up, I tried going back to work this morning - big mistake, was promptly sent home again and slept all afternoon with Dougal (cat) despite the Hitchcock film on the TV.

Whilst being poorly ick, Mummy and Daddy have been taking care of me very well and I've holed up at their gaffe with kitties to cuddle and the t'interweb to look at and her backlist of country livings (all in Magazine boxes - she'd also make a good Librarian!) and I've been watching all the birdies flitting in and out of the garden... including this lovely

The only one who wanted to stay still enough for a portrait!! I really need to get into "Action Shot mode"

Well I'm sure you've all had enough of my ramblings today, I'll post more of the sorting hat as I'm going along with it! so for today I'll sign off with some pretty flowers 'cos we all need a bit of prettiness and my sister does good flowers!!!

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Night Night Lulubella

Sad day today, Lucy the cat who had been very poorly indeed was put to sleep to stop her suffering any more.

Night night Lucy, sleep well

Friday, 7 September 2007

monkey see, monkey do

Today I have been delighting my colleagues and family by my silence. I have a lurgy and have been taking refuge at Mummy and Daddy's this afternoon so I can curl up with a cat or three. I'm not going to post a picture of me, but I think that these of the Dougal cat will accurately display just how I look and feel at the moment!!!!

Bless his little cottons!!! Still it wouldn't be September without a bout of "freshers flu"....its just that they haven't actually started yet....(ahh well - I do like to buck the trend!) perhaps I shall be patient Zero this season!!!

Sophie, Ma and I have decided that this year is going to be a "handmade" Christmas - yes I know another instance of the "C" word, so I'm going to use the bed time to go through magazines, books and blogs for inspiration for what to make for the plethora of people that require making for!!!!! If anyone has any ideas - please feel free to leave a comment and tell me - just whisper it so no-one else hears!

Will be back soon chickypopykins's!!!

Saturday, 1 September 2007

I must stop getting tagged.... people will talk!

Mummy dearest has tagged me in the middle name game! She has however gone and nicked my middle name.... so I'm going to have to think of something completely different to do with the whole Z thing!!! So... Sarah Elizabeth.... what are you going to put....

E... is for Eccentricity. It is VERY important in my life, all the people I like best are and I aspire to greater depths of it myself.
L... is for Learning. I think Learning is a thing of wonder, people are never to old or young to do it. It is important to me because I'm curious about so many things I can't possibly imagine what it would be like to live in the world and not want to know more, not want to know how and why things happen
I... is for Insects. In my current job, I'm learning all about them, I tell you there are some places in this world where you just wouldn't want to go... there are some ickky things out there!
Z... is for Zeitgeist. I know this is important to me as people who talk about films and books I like mention it in their reviews................ ;-)
A... is for Adaptability. As we all know the best laid plans of mice and men and all that...I thought I'd be an engineer living in the states working for Nasa with a movie star husband now (oh the imagination of youth eh?!!!) well I'm actually very glad life didn't turn out like that. Librarianship is an ever changing profession it isn't the same since I embarked upon it 10 years ago, so adaptability is important to me.
B... is for Books. My life seems to revolve round them, reading them, suggesting them, purchasing them, cataloguing them and looking after them... I'm not quite sure what I'd do without 'em!
E... is for Everyone in my circle of family and friends, they is important and that is as icky as I'm gonna get on that one!
T... is for Tea. Well it is the main premise behind this blog, my love of tea and the whole of the ritual of afternoon tea.
H... is for Happiness. Happiness is important to me, I know we all have to take the rough with the smooth, but slap a smile on it, listen to a fabby tune, watch a fave film, I say, happiness is as happiness does, there is no room for constant eeyoreness in my life!

I think EVERYONE I know has been tagged so if you are reading this and you haven't been tagged well you are now!!!! here's the rules!!!

It's called the name game, and here are the rules for those that choose to follow them: Players, you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had. When you are tagged you need to write your own blog post containing your own middle name game facts. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Monday, 27 August 2007

Big Si's Big Day!

I know its been a week, but I've been a busy sausage! It was Big Si's birthday today and his birthday BBQ yesterday, we had assorted friends and relations here for a little soiree! I wish I'd taken after photos!! but here is a before

Yes that's right - I'd been on bunting duties and Sophers on Flower duty once again! The weather behaved itself and there was even a little sun, it did get a bit cold though...

He got some fab pressies including a fab remote controlled Ferrari from his nieces, nephew's and great niece and nephew's just right for terrorising the poor cats with! He also got a fab Fortnum's hamper and he's looking forward to tucking in!

Here is the Man himself with Bertie about to blow out his cake (well the candles on it anyhow!)

A good time was had by all and there were a few bad heads this morning....
Jenny and I went to the local car boot on Sunday morning before all of the festivities began and we had a great time. I got some fab probably Torquay ware polka dot lovelies, some huge binka like stuff for mum's rag rugs (sorry me no know proper name!), three brand new Kilner jars for jam, some African Fabric for the quilt mum is doing for fundraising for Sopher's next trip and a basket for the aforementioned sophers ... ALL for the princely sum of £7.....What can one do eh???
Oh and lastly a little Sarah's makings update, Sophers being the little songstress that she is, is singing at a wedding next Saturday and she charged me, some would say somewhat unwisely with making her a corsage and matching clutchbag with some of the stash I brought back from the quilt fair. Well... here is some of the stash.....

... and here is the corsage.....

I'm not sure about it yet - she is - but she likes it a bit mad!!! - its about the size of a side plate so it ain't small its all about making a statement - and it most certainly is going to do that!! I hope all are well.... did everyone have a good bank hol weekend????

Monday, 20 August 2007

Moi in the Simpsons.......

I don't know if anyone else has seen or done this, but I've been "simpsonized" It has to be said, I look much better as a simpson's character than in real life - I'm very tempted to put this picture on my new work id card!!! So here I am as a foxy simpsons lady and not to be big headed... but I can imagine Homer saying "librarian..... mmmmmmm....." and dribbling!!!

See what I mean - foxy or what!!!! (I'm prone to the red lippy too!)

Well, in an attempt to catch up with the final thing I need to catch up on. I'd like to acknowledge the pay it forward post that Angel Jem has passed onto me. I, Sarah, being of reasonably sound mind hereby pledge to send something handmade to the first three people that comment on this post, I'll not promise that it'll arrive tomorrow, next week, or even next month, I shall however promise it within the next 365 days. The only condition being that you must send something onto three people too (the same terms of 365 days apply)

So then..... who's up for it!

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Really "Ladies", do you have to be so rude????

I had the misfortune to go to the Festival of Quilts on Thursday. Whilst I had a great time looking at the fabulous creations of very talented people, and got some fab material, I was appalled by the behaviour of women who frankly should know better. As a young woman, I've been taught manners by my parents, I stand to let people sit down who need a seat more than me, I hold doors open and I say please and thank you. It all began on the 11.06 to Birmingham International, the train was... well think Hogwarts express for quilters... I was stood on, ignored, pushed over on countless occasions (quite a feat as I'm built for comfort rather than speed) One lady even swore at me (I don't have eyes in the back of my head and she stood directly behind me) I had to have words with her unfortunately, and as my turn of phrase when riled is not pretty (benefits of being a scouser I guess) I think I scared her, but really come on, I'm not hard to miss, if there is a big bird in a corner looking at something and you are only 5 foot tall don't stand behind her or you is gonna get squished!!!! I would NEVER go to one again. Which is a shame, I love doing the whole quilting thing, but if that was a measure of people that do it - I'm not sure its actually for me, (they are obviously not as nice as bloggers). It upsets me to say it but there you go.

Rant over, I'm going to post some piccies of the fabulous quilts we saw, there are some talented people out there.

See just a small selection - but fabulous yes????!!!!

I had one moment of starstruckedness (new word ahoy) I saw him... yes... I saw Kaffe!!! I was so excited!!!

I'm going to post tomorrow about the fabulous things I got and a scone recipe for those that requested it!

Monday, 13 August 2007

Scones and Socks

Have been at Mummykins's this evening and in the whole Karma thing, I made some scones and I got a pair of hand-knitted socks!




See - Karma!! Mum, Jenny and I are preparing our walking feet for the Quilt Festival this week, we intend to take lots of photo's so just you wait.. Dougal has the right idea already.... (not quite sure what dubious mark is behind him - probably remains of a mouse!)

It looks Mrs Gillian, like we are going to have to start a cosy toes swap for the Autumn!!!

Enjoy your Tuesdays!!

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Vintage Tin Swap


I've had the goodies for a while so I thought I'd blog about them now (should have on 1st or there abouts - but you know what I'm like for a deadline)

I got the Lovely Gill as a partner for my swap and I recieved the lovely goodies pictured below!

I've already opened the tea and have plans for the buttons! The fabric is going to be in a patchwork and the tin is going to be a tin for embroidery threads! I also got a fab Green heart which is on one of my wardrobe doors with some others I've collected and been given and unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of that because it went straight on there and I'm daft!

Thank you so much Gill for my lovely parcel!!! We'll have to start the next swap off!!!

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Nicey nicey!

Oh I have sooooo much blogging to catch up on!!!!!

Firstly I've been nominated for a nice matters award (bless your hearts you kind bestowers!)

I'm now going to nominate seven people for nice matters awards. I'm not going to quantify in detail why, their blogs and the fab things on the speak for themselves!

1: Mummykins at just because!!!

2: Gill at for her excellent swap parcels!!!

3: Abigail at her creations are amazing, I'm going to have to order something soon!

4: Lizzie at for her twin twin cuteness - what could be cuter!!!

5: Susan at for her "I think we share a brain" status

6: Sophie at for her love of all things pink and twinkly!

and finally....

7: Jo at for her ability to keep up with me in the gabbing stakes!!!

Coming up on ESFT..

....Vintage tin swap - the post!!!! (Thanks to the lovely Gill!!!)

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

One thing at a time

It seems whilst I’ve been off being a busy lady, I’ve been gathering a backlog of tasks to complete. I’ve decided I’m going to tackle them one at a time.

Task no. 1 Gill and Jo have both tagged me for 8 more things…. So here we go….

8 Random Facts

1: I think I’m the only person in the UK who is glad that the weather has not been good over the summer.

2: I love Louis Armstong and Ella Fitzgerald, I love Django Reinhardt and Stephane Graphelli too. If I could only have two CD’s to listen to for the rest of my life – it would be one by each pairing as much as it would pain me to give up the Divine Comedy.

3: I’ve never been to the USA. I want to go to Connecticut or New England for the Autumn and Winter, but sometimes I don’t want to because if it isn’t like Baby Boom (especially the scene at the dance – Moonlight in Vermont is one of my favourite songs) and Little Women rolled into one then I don’t want to be disappointed.

4: I adore being up late at night or early in the morning on my own especially in the winter. I love Autumn and Winter and I quite like spring – summer –mmmmphhhh – you can keep it.

5: I think I’d make a great character in Northern Exposure. I’d adore that kind of life where people are quirky and accepting. Plus you’d get to wake up in a place where it snows early in the morning (see no.4)

6: I live in a dream world 50% of the time – it’s partly a coping mechanism for the aspects of the world I don’t like, and partly….well it’s more pleasant there, I only generally come out for work!

7: I like being a Librarian, or rather I like being an unexpected Librarian most people don’t believe me when I tell them what I do (I like that) though to be honest, If I had my time again and I could get in, I’d go to art school and then do something businessy and live in a whole different way. All I have to do now is work out how to get “there” from “here” (dream world again)

8: I like Liverpool honest I do, its just I can’t imagine how much longer I’m going to able to live here without losing something.

I’m not going to tag anyone – I think everyone has been tagged. Instead, think about 8 random facts about you, I bet they are no odder than mine!

Monday, 6 August 2007

I'm still here

Been over a week now - naughty Sarah, bad Sarah, on your rug....

I'll be back soon with piccies from tin swaps and more random things about me, assuming that is that you'll be able to cope with them.......

Friday, 27 July 2007

Steve the Roman...with no trousers....and a laurel wreath...

Well here Steve is, at Ma's with his legs out. We are all full of Spag Bol and wine and after the week that felt like 4 at work, I'm really looking forward to the weekend!!! Steve, enjoy fairies across the mersey - I'm sure you'll have a great time!!!

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Steve the Roman!!!!

Well, yes most of you were right.... Steve is going as a Roman!!! Costume all made now apart from the laurel wreath! I made poor Steve try on the costume and then stand on a stool in the foyer of the Library at lunch time today so we could check the length and then took photo's!!!

Luckily he found all of this hilarious too, I just hope he isn't too cold in it (I couldn't talk him into a longer toga, he wants to show off his legs!!!!)

The Tailor's Apprentice

I've been really busy getting something together for the lovely Steve and his fancy dress do at the weekend.... I've had some assistance from Dougal who has been offering his services as a large pin holding two pieces of fabric together!!!

I've done as much as I can now and there will be a final fitting tomorrow which I shall post about soon.... can anyone guess what he's going dressed as from this little pile......?

Well its rather late - I'm gonna have a cup of tea and go to bed!

Monday, 23 July 2007

Coming soon to a blog near you... a proper post....

Well I've been a busy lady... working... and...... erm (shhh... reading Harry Potter...)

..... I've finished it now, so I'll post soon... and Papoosue... :)

Tuesday, 17 July 2007


I ended up staying at LSM's on Sat night, waking up on Sunday morning to the following sight....

Lucy was there too but too quick for me to fetch the camera!!! I particularly love the way he puts his head on the pillow, he is either reincarnated or he thinks he absolutely is human!!!

I got a few bargains at the car boot sale, some little egg coddlers with cute birdies on them and some tea knives, perfect for scones and afternoon tea.
Once the knives have had a polish and a clean up (they were held together with sellotape) they'll be fab!! We were quite lucky with the weather too.. we just missed this....

Talk about dancing down!!! Still it sounds like Sophers has had something a little more torrential in Togo!!! Have a pop over to Togo Watch to see whats going on!