Monday, 19 November 2007

Christmas is coming FAST!

I know that Christmas is approaching with increasing velocity as today I chopped off November and December on my work planner and put the new one up as meetings are now starting to be booked in for January....ARGHHH If someone had told me that being a Librarian would mean I'd be soooo busy, I'd never have believed them. Even I, a new entrant to the profession suffered under the illusion of the bunned, specticled harridan with a penchant for pearls and tweed who read and sneered all day.

Right - another responsibility of Librarianship - attending a student revue!!!! where's the wine...

Update - One of the cheekiest students in his traditional dress ... and me with my wine (in a plastic cup - classy bird me!)

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Oh Simon how we love thee...

I've developed a huge crush....

Anyone who watches Autumn Watch will know what I mean....

He's lovely, he wears big jumpers and woolly hats and I come over all unnecessary when I see him on the telly... bless me... and bless him, the Lovely Simon King !!!

If you watched it, did you see the otters!!!! I love otters almost as much as Simon! (and Stephen Fry)

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Baby it's cold outside...

Up early on a Sunday morning I open the curtains to fog! I love fog. I love how it makes the trees look even more skeletal. I love that it feels like it's raining in slow motion. I love how the lampposts sneeze their light through the murk and I love the way I feel like I'm in one of my favourite Margery Allingham books, the Tiger in the Smoke.

This is the view from Ma and Pop's front door at about 7.30 this morning. Hamish and Dougal were, quite understandably I feel, rather reluctant to venture into it!

It's also mornings like this that firmly shove me into the Christmas spirit... I know I'm succumbing to the whole bloggers who decide to descend into Christmas early vibe, but we cannot help it I tell you, although I'm resisting putting White Christmas into the DVD player at Nine am on a foggy November morning (with a considerable amount of effort on my part as I'm here on my own, all wrapped up in my snuggly cardi and thick socks) I've now been "catched" by it all..... Catched by views like this...

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Scary "Lady"

Well here I am in all my glory...(no not that kind of glory - I don't wanna break the camera, or scare small children!!!!)

One from the front

and one from the back!

and as you can see, hair is now significantly darker than it was....are we liking it, or should I return to blonde like mother wants....? I have noticed that people take me much more seriously with the dark hair (plus it is closer to my natural colour... something I've rarely seen since I was 16!!!!!)

I will post all about the party when I've got permission from people to post photo's, I don't like doing that without asking (the whole Librarian thing and copyright/intellectual property is coming out in me!)

I have v exciting things this weekend, including a cultural event almost on my doorstep..... will tell all on Sunday......! As well as posting about an exciting parcel....!

I'll leave you with the photo of Lee (he said yes to putting the photo on!) as Scooby!