Friday, 16 May 2008

Look around you....

As the weather has been so lovely this week, I've been taking the opportunity to wander around the area local to where I work. There are some fab places, and I unfortunately feel a little shy taking photo's however for this one I've taken exception as there were so few people about! I really like lettering, I think language is beautiful and letters can make the most beautiful, if sometimes unintentional pieces of art. I was ambling through the back of the University of Liverpool Campus, something I've done lots of times, probably a few hundred times before and I looked up at this, the back of the Civil Engineering Building and I couldn't resist.

It's such a shame that that the bottom letters are a little eroded, still I think it's Brilliant!

I'm really looking forward to this weekend, I'm volunteering to help the planting at the Garston Cultural Embassy AND doing a car boot sale with Sophers.... I'll make sure I post the pictures!

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Land of the Living

Well life has taken over for the past few weeks and the opportunity for blogging has been lacking. I really must think about getting my own computer...

Anyhow, why have I been so busy, well... just too much to do! I had a lovely few days in London last week (despite the rain) Ma was there too and I met up with her and her friends for lunch on the Wednesday. I was lucky enough to be put up by my cousin and her husband in their lovely flat in Covent Garden. (mmm Covent Garden... isn't there a Cath Kidston there...) YES THERE IS... I did get some lovely things... (more on that in a minute)

On Tuesday evening I met up with a great friend from Uni, Sally, and we did some shopping and of course eating before I deposited myself upon poor Elizabeth!

I had a fab walk, I had coffee in a fab coffee shop, had a lovely chat with some African tourists. I think I went in most of the book shops on Charing Cross Road, now that was fun although I managed to escape them all with my purse unscathed - a minor miracle!

Cath Kidston was of course another matter... Ma and I fell upon it like religious fanatics and neither of us came out empty handed, I'll let her post about what she got. I however am going to follow a great post from the Lovely Lucy Locket where she photographed the contents of her handbag. I'm utilising this device for some gratuitous new handbag shots.... lets see if anyone can guess what I got from Ms Kidston...

Can you guess... can you.... can you!!! :-)!

I've had it sitting in my armchair to admire it for a few days and I decided last night to decant (an accurate description) my current handbag into the new one! Anyhow, I'm now going to tell you what is in my handbag:-

Purse, lipsticks and lipglosses, pens, work keys and id, my medication, travel pass, yarn and crochet hook, book (always a book - the Diary of Frida Kahlo at the moment) Perfume (Jo Malone Lime, Basil and Mandarin currently) "Spare" necklace, mints and a swiss army knife... Handbag of course by Cath Kidston!

so not too bad really, items that did not make it include a bottletop, USB pen drive, about 40 paperclips and elastic bands, envelopes, receipts, a teabag (yes I know - all on its own, miraculously not split!) and a roll of scotchtape.

I really must get to London more often, I got a great fare and although I just about made it on time to get the return train (me and Elizabeth and the pub never good, we stayed up after another cousin's wedding in Italy drinking whisky in the hotel bar and woke poor Sopher's up so I could get back in the room) There was so much I didn't get to do, so anyone fancy a meet up in London?

Plus, anyone wanna tell me what's in your handbag....