Friday, 7 September 2007

monkey see, monkey do

Today I have been delighting my colleagues and family by my silence. I have a lurgy and have been taking refuge at Mummy and Daddy's this afternoon so I can curl up with a cat or three. I'm not going to post a picture of me, but I think that these of the Dougal cat will accurately display just how I look and feel at the moment!!!!

Bless his little cottons!!! Still it wouldn't be September without a bout of "freshers flu"....its just that they haven't actually started yet....(ahh well - I do like to buck the trend!) perhaps I shall be patient Zero this season!!!

Sophie, Ma and I have decided that this year is going to be a "handmade" Christmas - yes I know another instance of the "C" word, so I'm going to use the bed time to go through magazines, books and blogs for inspiration for what to make for the plethora of people that require making for!!!!! If anyone has any ideas - please feel free to leave a comment and tell me - just whisper it so no-one else hears!

Will be back soon chickypopykins's!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Sarah, not you too! I have the most awful cold and sore throat. Woke up with it on Thursday.
Luckly I bought some Olbas Oil while I was over there and it has helped with breathing at night.
I expect you will share it with everyone you love! LOL
Cheers for now,
p.s. I am going to update my blog as soon as I can sort myself out.

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Ooh I hope you're feeling a bit better now Sarah! Can't wait to see what you will make either!!
p.s. my hair is even worse today than yesterday...

Mary said...

i havent had a cold for about 10 years and have no intention of catching this. Give you chance to catch up with the "c" planning !!!

Papoosue said...

You poor thing! Take care and rest up won't you. Mumsie will take the best care of you and your poor silent self. xxxxx Tallulah x

PS. I have been having very similar thoughts about the big 'C', if I think of anything I will let you know.

PPS I saw 'winter' bunting in Laura Ashley today made in lovely 'C' fabrics and thought of you.

Country Cottage Chic said...

Ugh! I've had it too but luckily it doesn't last long!

You can say the C word as often as you like - it's my favourite time of year. I notice though that the shops are sneaking Christmas stuff like chocolates & cake making things onto their shelves already!
Hope you feel better soon!

tash said...

Beat ya to it - I've not only planned all of my handmade christmas cards, but I'm off to buy supplies this week. My colleagues were not impressed by this over-zealous display of fervent christmas-worship! (I have bought presents too!) But it will soon be the season and I love the lot of it.

Hope you're getting better, colds, flu, the lurgy are all dreadful. I recommend honey and lemon in hot water, brandy, whisky, olbas oil, vick's vaporub, soft hankies and lots o' paracetamol (together or separate - up to you!). Oh, and sleeeeep. The latter is the best bit of being ill ;)

Angel Jem said...

Poor chicken! Hope you're feeling better soon!