Thursday, 1 November 2007

Scary "Lady"

Well here I am in all my glory...(no not that kind of glory - I don't wanna break the camera, or scare small children!!!!)

One from the front

and one from the back!

and as you can see, hair is now significantly darker than it was....are we liking it, or should I return to blonde like mother wants....? I have noticed that people take me much more seriously with the dark hair (plus it is closer to my natural colour... something I've rarely seen since I was 16!!!!!)

I will post all about the party when I've got permission from people to post photo's, I don't like doing that without asking (the whole Librarian thing and copyright/intellectual property is coming out in me!)

I have v exciting things this weekend, including a cultural event almost on my doorstep..... will tell all on Sunday......! As well as posting about an exciting parcel....!

I'll leave you with the photo of Lee (he said yes to putting the photo on!) as Scooby!


Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

What a great costume! Your hair colour looks really nice and suits you. I haven`t seen you with blonde but I think with your features that would too! LOL
I tried being blonde for awhile but in the final stage at the hairdressers, she went way too light and my hair was a disaster for a long time, breaking etc. My Mum hated me blonde LOL I still crave it at times even though it doesn`t really feel like the real me. Those wings must have taken a lot of work! Great pictures :)


Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Sarah you look fab!! Your wings are brilliant-glad you had fun! And, I've just read your fog post! I love fog too-I even admit to a certain fondness for the cheesy 70's movie 'The Fog'...

nĂ  said...

superb outfit by the way!!! looks like lots of fun was had!!!

the flour loft said...

Hi Sarah,
Love your outfit... you look fabulous!
Looks like a great party too... and Scooby.. well what can i say.. what a laugh!