Friday, 11 January 2008

On the day the celebrations begin...

Today Liverpool begins it's celebrations in the year it is European Capital of Culture. Ringo Starr will be singing (or swinging - no not that kind) on the roof of St Georges Hall. It is being televised on Sunday I believe...

Think of Liverpool and you'll think of football, the Beatles, the ferries, the Liver Birds (as seen in this picture of The Royal Liver Building by Dave Wood which can be seen with more at this site)

People are what make a place, this city has many brilliant people who have helped make it what it a poet from these shores once said...

'Lippy loose-limbed liberatingly lyrical

Irreverent inspired je ne sais quoi

Vibrant Visionary with a capital V

Edgy eccentric essentially europhile

Racy restless raw rock 'n' roller

Pacy passionate positively pop

Obsessive optimistic on the go

Off the wall outlandish ee aye addio

Legendary life-giving life- loving Liverpool'

-- Roger McGough


Gill at Lucy Locket said...

Yes I've been watching the publicity, GMTV featured it this morning and I'd certainly like to visit Liverpool someday.I used to watch the Liver Birds as a child, that's the image I have in my head when I think of Liverpool!

Louche said...

I love that song Everything stops for tea. 'Must we' has almost become a catch phrase after listening to it too much.

It's great, anytime someone suggests something you don't really want to do you just say 'must we?' and look pained and then they go and find someone else to bother.

Sarah said...

I shall have to try that, my usual reply is nowhere near as polite