Sunday, 14 September 2008

Last Night of the Proms

Last night of the proms is a big night with our family, causing much singing and laughing at me knowing all the words to Jerusalem. I thought I'd leave you this to watch, with Sir Roger Norrington giving an excellent speech about Classical Music. I often wonder if this is THE reason why people think us Brits are a little odd...

... don't forget to join in now... at the top of your lungs if you please!!!

and if that wasn't enough, sing along with Bryn!!!


Angel Jem said...

Oh, it was cool! In the words of Kathryn Hepburn in the Philadelphia story, it was Yar!

Sandi McBride said...

And just who has been saying that the Brits are odd, may I ask? I loved these videos...Sir Roger forgot one thing about Classical opens up the imagination in ways beyond belief! Loved this post, please don't stay away so long again