Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Less mucky but with something to show for it!

Exciting pictures today (well depending upon your perspective!)
I've (sort of) completed my first coil pot - it is a big bugger and rather heavy here it is during construction

I promise that isn't what it looks like... it is what we are currently describing as worms or sausgages to add onto the pot!

Here is it a little more "polished" I've still got to even the rim off it's just a little wet to do that at the moment.

Nice ain't it! Even if I say so myself! I've even had two completed press molded bowls fired now, they are just waiting for glazing. I'm really enjoying pottery (apart from the throwing - which should as Sophie says be called slinging!) it frightens me a bit, I believe the teacher thinks I'm a bit weird to be scared of it!

The spikey one is a bit comet like - unplanned but I'm liking it now. I took persuading not to slice all the spikes off!
Next week - glazing - I like doing that too! Did you ever get the impression that I'm enjoying it?


Anonymous said...

You are doing well Sarah. I particularly like the spikey one.
Well done.

Sandi McBride said...

I'm so glad that you are enjoying throwing pots...I like the spiky one myself! You have talent!!!

Angel Jem said...

Sounds like you're having much fun... good on yer, girl!