Friday, 20 February 2009

Knutsford City Limits

For anyone who enjoyed Cranford as much as I did (or in Australia I gather just starting to enjoy Cranford), you should have a little trip and spend a few hours in Knutsford the real town upon which Cranford is based. We went to have a look at the market which we discovered is very small, but we got some nice bread so we were pleased! We also discovered "Miss Matty's" house, which still houses a tea rooms Mallard Tea merchant and patisserie, with this sign outside which begged to be photographed!

Of course we had to venture in and get some tea and cakes to bring home and sample... they were very nice, I even managed to get a photo before they were demolished!
How cute are they! There were ones with Strawberries and huge chocolate curls on them, but we were relatively restrained and got two choccy ones and two vanilla ones to share.
It has been lovely this week, I've had two days off work and it's like I've been given an extra sneaky weekend. Somewhere, someones said, "that's what that Sarah one needs, an extra weekend, lets give her that so she can go on day trips and eat cake and drink even more tea than usual. Lets let her have some extra time to go through her fabric stash and sew some more hexagons for her quilt" ... and I'm very glad that someone did, I find myself having done weekendy things with another two days for fun!

So speaking of quilts, it's coming along....

here's to two more weekendy days!!!!

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