Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Oh it's gone quickly

I don't know, you turn around on a Friday and suddenly it's Wednesday again - I'm not sure how that happens? Answers on a postcard please!

Reading: A book about Art during the 1st world war. It's very good
Listening: To the Tennis, Andy Roddick, Leyton Hewitt match... not sure who's going to win...
Making: Sense (never!!) Cutting out pennants for bunting like it's going out of fashion! finally selected fabric for apron's - I just need to get sewing now as my mother wants her dining room table back!
Wishing: That it was just a little cooler outside and at night, the sunshine is lovely though!
Not happy about: the fact that pottery finished last night, however roll on the September as it'll start again - yay!!! Plus our pottery tutor gave us all something that he'd made, which was exceptionally nice of him. Will post a photo when it and my camera are in the same place!

I shall leave you with this second excerpt from Bill Bailey!

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