Monday, 6 June 2011


A colleague brought me flowers today. She didn't know I'd had a very testing weekend and those flowers were just the thoughtful lift I needed. They were a thank you for something I'd done - only a little thing - last week for her. Therefore my small deed induced her kindness which was really appreciated and arrived at just the right moment. Be kind, say thank you and people will be kind to you. Not all people, but the people who matter.


Angel Jem said...

Isn't it wonderful when somebody does something like that? A fellow school Mum dropped a flower off for me a couple of weeks ago... she knew my Dad was ill and I was stressed... and it made my day. Hope your stressful weekend is solvable? Drop me a line sometime and we'll get together for coffee again (after.. what 2 years?)

Everything Stops for Tea said...

It was so lovely of her. People should never underestimate the power of a simple gesture like that. My stress will be solved in about 3 months. It'd be lovely to meet up again - it must be at least 2 years - I suspect it might be more!!