Friday, 6 September 2013


It's been... well, a while! Life has definitely changed, from little things like my hair (it’s currently blue) to bigger things like my “paid” job is changing dramatically and what direction that is going to take I do not know. I now have a niece and a nephew. It’s amazing watching them grow. The biggest news is that my sister and I have started a business, properly, with a bank account and everything. We are loving it. Going to craft fairs and interacting with the people who buy and like our stuff has been a real eye-opener. We had really great feedback, had some of our items stocked in a local craft outlet called Landbaby and our sales are growing, we’ve had some repeat customers too, which is the BEST feeling ever! Fancy taking a look at our makings? We are called la même étoffe you can also find us on facebook too! Here's a little sneaky peak at an impromptu photoshoot in the garden!

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