Saturday, 18 August 2007

Really "Ladies", do you have to be so rude????

I had the misfortune to go to the Festival of Quilts on Thursday. Whilst I had a great time looking at the fabulous creations of very talented people, and got some fab material, I was appalled by the behaviour of women who frankly should know better. As a young woman, I've been taught manners by my parents, I stand to let people sit down who need a seat more than me, I hold doors open and I say please and thank you. It all began on the 11.06 to Birmingham International, the train was... well think Hogwarts express for quilters... I was stood on, ignored, pushed over on countless occasions (quite a feat as I'm built for comfort rather than speed) One lady even swore at me (I don't have eyes in the back of my head and she stood directly behind me) I had to have words with her unfortunately, and as my turn of phrase when riled is not pretty (benefits of being a scouser I guess) I think I scared her, but really come on, I'm not hard to miss, if there is a big bird in a corner looking at something and you are only 5 foot tall don't stand behind her or you is gonna get squished!!!! I would NEVER go to one again. Which is a shame, I love doing the whole quilting thing, but if that was a measure of people that do it - I'm not sure its actually for me, (they are obviously not as nice as bloggers). It upsets me to say it but there you go.

Rant over, I'm going to post some piccies of the fabulous quilts we saw, there are some talented people out there.

See just a small selection - but fabulous yes????!!!!

I had one moment of starstruckedness (new word ahoy) I saw him... yes... I saw Kaffe!!! I was so excited!!!

I'm going to post tomorrow about the fabulous things I got and a scone recipe for those that requested it!


Gill at Lucy Locket said...

What a shame your day out was spoiled, as always it's the minority that ruin it for everyone else. Some people are just plain rude! But the pictures are lovely, I bet you came home all inspired and it's always good to see other people's work.

Papoosue said...

I hate to say it but I think it's all too common these days - the rudeness I mean. But, you would think that 'older' ladies should know better wouldn't you? I mean, weren't we (and our elders) brought up that way or do people just not care anymore? Shows a distinct lack of respect if you ask me. Can you tell bad manners really annoys me? I find myself saying things in a loud voice like 'no, that's all right, just let the door slam in my face!' - must be my age.

I'm glad you got to see some quality work though and Kaffe himself - well, that says it all! xx

Papoosue said...

Okay, you've twisted my arm - I will tell you a secret to get you over the horror that is bad mannered laydees. I used to want to be a Librarian - yes, I know it's a shock but it's true. But wait, that's not all, there is also a confession. I almost applied for a part time library assistant job last month (but I chickened out). I know you are shocked Sarah but I just felt as you were in the Cool Librarians Club that I should fess up to you. ;) ;)

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Some people are just astonishingly rude aren't they!!! GGrrrr!!! But I love the photos you have shown us-I'm on the lookout for a lovely antique patchwork quilt!!

tash said...

You know I was told by "someone in the know" that old ladies can be the rudest people on earth. Unfortunately this is at times, true. If I'm out and about I smile at people walking by, especially older folk, because I am a nice person (well, I like to think so...!) and sometimes the reactions are awful! It's as if I walked up to them and stuck my tongue out or something - hideous.

But I also know alot of really nice old ladies, so I can't say that is always the case. But middle-aged women are just as bad - I work with some who can give you a stare good enough to curdle milk. Where did compassion for fellow man go? Even I manage it - and I'm a skeptic ;)

Lovely, nay heavenly quilt photos though!

Victoria May Plum said...

I do feel for you, it is awful to have what should be a lovely day out ruined by rude women! The quilting ladies in my little village are so adorable, and never rude, perhaps they could be hired out for quilting events? they will bring tea!

Anyway, glad to see you got some great pics and lots of inspiration from your trip.

Victoria x

Manda - Treefall said...

I have to agree with you! When I went this year I was obviously pregnant and still got elbowed in the tummy by older women that seemed to just be annoyed that anyone under 50 would want to look at quilts! Every year is the same - I am always astonished by how rude so many of the women are and like you it has made me not really want to be a part of the quilting community. I am still a member of the Quilters Guild but I don't join in with anything because so many of the women are incredibly condescending and rude. It's a real shame.
Anyway, sorry I didn't mean to hijack the post there, I just had to agree with you!