Sunday, 12 August 2007

Vintage Tin Swap


I've had the goodies for a while so I thought I'd blog about them now (should have on 1st or there abouts - but you know what I'm like for a deadline)

I got the Lovely Gill as a partner for my swap and I recieved the lovely goodies pictured below!

I've already opened the tea and have plans for the buttons! The fabric is going to be in a patchwork and the tin is going to be a tin for embroidery threads! I also got a fab Green heart which is on one of my wardrobe doors with some others I've collected and been given and unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of that because it went straight on there and I'm daft!

Thank you so much Gill for my lovely parcel!!! We'll have to start the next swap off!!!


Gill at Lucy Locket said...

Ooh yes lets. I'll get my thinking cap on, maybe we could get a swap going for September. How about a "Nights drawing in" swap?! A package of goodies to enjoy when we start to draw the curtains and get cosy at the end of the day. A "Cosiness" swap. Hmmmmmm.
Glad you liked the tin swap.
Gill x

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

So nice! I like the tea!! You were lucky to get such nice things! x

Mary said...

Maybe next time someone is doing one I will participate.I will finish booties today and am baking bread.Its been a hive of activity today The man has been to fix the house alarm, the window cleaners been and its rained on my washing.

Papoosue said...

How lovely Sarah, you lucky ducky!

tash said...

What a lovely swap! It sounds right up my street - as does Gill's suggestion of a nights drawing in swap!

Lizzie said...

The buttons are sweet indeed. And I love the music on your blog!!!