Sunday, 6 April 2008

Sandi the tag monster!

Apologies for being away so long - life has been catching up with me!

Sandi has been a good blogging buddy and has sparked me back into posting again!!!

I have to post in 4's!!

4 Jobs I have had in my life:

1: Telephonist/receptionist for a car show room
2: Paper girl
3: Sales Assistant at Marks and Spencer (the worst job I've ever had)
4: Librarian at 5 different organizations including a university, a charity, a hospital, and a government research council!

Movies I have/would watch over and over again

1: The Lady Vanishes (1938) Margaret Lockwood, Michael Redgrave, wonderful film - FABULOUS!
2: The Love Letter, I really like this film, the second hand bookshop - who wouldn't want to live in a place called Loblolly-by-the-sea!!!!
3: Any of the Die Hards, sometimes you just need explosions!
4: Meet me in St Louis - I just love this film, love, love, love it
This was one of the hardest categories for me, I could easily choose 10!!!

Places I have lived

1: Hale in Cheshire
2: Headingley in Leeds
3: Woodhouse in Leeds
4: Liverpool - various locations!!!

People I want to bitch slap right into the middle of next week

1: Sandi - am so with you when it comes to Paris Hilton!!!!
2: A friend's boyfriend, he is a patronising, officious, slimey, sycophantic, obsequious, toadying git. The only reason I shan't is that he appears to be devoted to her and will do anything for her. He's still a git though
3: Someone who works for the same organisation as me, who has a habit of taking the credit for things he does not have the right to, in front of the people who should get the credit and I really dislike him. I actually do wish to kick him severely, however, like my friends, boyfriend, I don't think I'd be able to stop, it is a good job I'm not armed this is all I'm saying!!!
4: People who don't know me, who patronisingly call you Luv, or darlin' or worse, girl - ARGHHHHHHHHHHH

Sandi - I don't think you'd realise how much vitriol you would expose with this did you?!!!!

People that email me regularly

1: Sophie
2: Steve
3: Ma
4: Clare

TV shows I watch

Not a huge TV watcher but
1: Northern exposure (I know has finished!)
2: Doctor Who and Torchwood - they are classed as one really...!
3: Jeeves and Wooster
3: Waking the Dead

TV shows I watch Nonfictional

Oooh hard - erm.... I think that I shall put the radio shows that I listen to instead!!!
1: I'm sorry I haven't got a clue - Humph. Littleton - legend!!!
2: A good read - got some good book suggestions from that
3: Paul Temple - can't you just hear the Coronation Express playing now by Timothy...!!!!
4: Radio 4 in general in the background - woman's hour - good too!!

Places I have visited

1: France - lots of places all over!
2: Germany - the same!
3: Ireland - both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland!
4: Isles of Scilly

Favorite Foods

1: Kleftiko - love all Greek food - but in the best Greek restaurant in Liverpool Eureka - it is AMAZING!!!
2: Hot pot or Scouse!!!
3: Brussel sprouts - or cabbage - fried with pancetta, garlic, onions and mushrooms!
4: A good fruit cake!

Where I want to be right now

1: Where I am now - at Ma's with my family (apart from Bertie - who could come and visit too!!)
2: In Scotland somewhere wild in a little cottage with a fire, the radio, fresh bread baking in the oven and a nice hairy man in a jumper.... :-)
3: London, in the Ritz having afternoon tea with my friends
4: New York, visiting the museums and galleries and and every bookshop and fabric store known to man!

Things I'm looking forward to this year

1: Going to London at the end of the month to meet up with Sally
2: Working on the Library expansion!!
3: Getting my Garden sorted
4: Whatever surprises it has to bring!

Now..... who shall I tag..... mmmm....



Mrs V-P

and Sophie


Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch Sarah. I know it's me birfdi and all but you didn't need to get me a pressie. OK, I will do it, but tomorrow because I just blogged about retirement etc.,
Actually I'm glad you blogged because I was just on my way to say, "Tea Break is Over". Way too long without hearing from you.

Sandi McBride said...

Now that was great...I came in to give you a piece of my mind about the malingering...and here you are up and ready and I just loved your answers! And as to the gentleman who takes credit...he'd get away with that not once if he stole my thunder! I've been known to throw a bolt or two...glad to see you back in know you could come to the States for a vacation...I'd give you bed and might have to chunk out the odd cat or two, but the rooms are clean and the food is good...

Angel Jem said...

Love the list..... and I am impressed you got it down to 4 films. Is the Love Letter an old or new film?