Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Two in one week - she must be ill

Well no - I'm not ill - I just thought I'd behave myself and post again. I have had blogger apathy this last few weeks, well months if the truth be told. As much as I love the cold weather I think the lack of light really affects me. Is it just me or is it everyone? I'm sick of the grey and miserable, and the snow in April, it makes me feel so bleughhh I can't even be relied upon to get my arse into gear to get the washing done without resenting having to move out of bed. I'm feeling better now the clocks have done their thing and we have some more sunshine and even as I sit here now, the dappled sunlight is gracing the wall. Nice.

A bit of Pet Shop Boys and Django Reinhardt and I'll be a happy lady again! I'm going to try and persuade Mother to post again. She's right here now with her exercise ball doing her physio oh we make an odd sight!

As you can see I've been buying more fabric again - I'm going to have to get going to make something with it!!! Still I've been promising Sophers an apron for a long time....plus I've a birthday party to go to at the weekend - I think the birthday girl may be a recipient too!! oh and I'll have to make something for Sally when I visit her in London, and I'm going to be making bags this evening for the Africa car boot!



Gill at Lucy Locket said...

Time you came out of hibernation Sarah, no excuse now the days are longer. I know what you mean, it's easy to get a bit bleughh over winter, sometimes I feel I'll never have any energy again but somehow it comes back with the Spring!

Sandi McBride said...

Wow Sarah...I love the aqua with white material the best of all. So glad to hear Mary is getting right along with it...she's my next stop. That picture of the sunlight on the wall is lovely. You should have it blown up and framed and hang it in your hall...hugs
ps...wish you were to share a cup of tea.

Papoosue said...

Hello, my lovely:-) Love your fabrics - especially those four on the left - gorgeously spotty and circley! Nice to see a bit of sunshine isn't it - now a little bit of heat to go with it would be nice... xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, I agree with Sandi. The sunshine on the wall is worth enlarging (not blowing up Sandi!)LOL. and making into a picture. Looking at it does give you a 'lift'. I have just read the other comments and it seems we all agree on the fabric on the left. I wonder what that means! LOL

Sandi McBride said...

Okay, we get two in one week then Mistress Sarah is back to her normal lackadaisical self! Shake a tail feather here, do I have to tag you to get you moving?
Sandi (again)