Friday, 3 February 2012

National Libraries Day 2012

Its National Libraries Day (NLD) tomorrow. Locally there are a few Libraries who seem to be organising things, I hope that they all go really well. NLD is a really good idea to get more people interested in using their local services, and at the moment for highlighting the appalling way in which they are being decimated. Up and down the country they are fighting tooth and nail in order to stop cuts, going to court, meeting Ed Vaizey and organising events.

You know what? It is all happening for you, the library user or the potential library user. Each person that works for Libraries, or campaigns for them believes in you. Believes in YOUR right to free access to knowledge, because knowledge is power. Each one of us knows that without libraries, we would not be where we are now. We know it in our very bones.

So tomorrow is all about you. Go to your library, there may or may not be an event on, but that doesn’t matter. Events like NLD are BRILLIANT, but the library is there everyday, for you! Everyday can be like National Libraries Day... except better, it is YOUR LIBRARY DAY! Go tomorrow, and keep on going! Say this whenever you cross the threshold of your library “This is my place of freedom. This is my place of knowledge and of help. This is my place of enjoyment. This is my place of safety. This is my right. This is my Library!”

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