Monday, 16 June 2008

Its safe to come out now!

Mystery Misery Funk has now departed, thank you to all well wishers, I'll get back to you all individually, but all messages were gratefully received cheers!!!

The superlambanana parade has begun today in Liverpool... Pop along and have a look - I'm going to try and photograph and post as many as I can, although if there is someone at Euston Station in London - please post or photograph the one there for me???!!!!! or even up Moel Famau! There are 119 in all (including the original) so get out there and find one today!

So... No.76 Superkalazarbanana, outside Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, I'm off to get some more at Lunchtime with Steve so..... watch out Liverpool...!

Isn't she great!


Sandi McBride said...

great? She's G R E A T as Tony the TIGER would say! And yep, 95 and 96 on September 24th!
Have a wonderful week!

Angel Jem said...

We passed 5 today, and I have blithely said to the kids that we would try to photograph as many as we can... with one at Euston and one up Moel Famau, I'm not sure we'll get the full set!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that there was more than one! Only ever seen the orignal one years ago down on the dock road opposite Albert Dock.
That one looks great painted in a different colour. I guess they are all different now. Makes it a bit more interesting. Good to get the kids nvolved in spotting them too.