Wednesday, 14 March 2007


It seems to me that colour is the most wonderful thing. I was browsing through a beautiful magazine last night... and much as I enjoyed it and I thought most of the places looked amazing. They were all fairly bland. I'm not one for painting the walls mad colours, but everything I own seems to clash! I don't mind this too much, because everything I've got serves some purpose or I think is great (plus lots of other stuff which I'm just too darn lazy to throw out at the moment!!!)

So I'm having a celebrating colour day from my dark red sofa with its purple cushions and patchwork throw to my pink roberts radio and mossy green coffee cups and the gorgeous orangy - pink tulips on the mantlepiece in the chipped cornishware pot!

It seems most appropriate on the most lovely of "spring" days!!!!

1 comment:

Angel Jem said...

You have a pink Roberts radio? I'm not talking to you anymore.

Why does everybody I know have something I want?

Ok, Ok, I'll keep talking to you. Perhaps I need to start a Radio fund. I want a red one, anyway.