Friday, 16 March 2007

Self inflicted

I need some sympathy today... last night I was "duped" into drinking far too much by some colleagues and I am now feeling the after-effects. We only went out "for our tea" and that was it... sitting on a bench eating chips from the paper putting the world to rights and falling into the house at 1 this morning. Only to do it all again today because my baby blister is having her work leaving do... and then.... well it's St Patricks tomorrow.... an institution in Liverpool, It would be rude not to........ (wouldn't it..?)!!!! These are the days when I'm glad I have my little office to retreat to!

Well Red nose day is here once again. I've put my bright red lippy on to celebrate as I can't see the screen past the nose! We are having a quiz at lunch time so lots of opportunity for friendly rivalry all whilst raising money for a charity that does some amazing work.

So is anyone out there up to anything exciting for red nose day or the weekend?

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Angel Jem said...

Those mean people duping you into alcohol... and anothet 2 days to go. Hope you're still standing on Monday.
Nothing much on this weekend... I'd like breakfast in bed for Mother's Day, but I'm scared to ask in case they all want to eat muffins with me (crumbs in the sheets *shudder*) so I'm settling for the Lady Lever in the afternoon (afternoon tea; possibly scones with/without jam & Earl Grey. I am a child of simple pleasures.)