Monday, 5 March 2007

New Decade

I am in denial no more... it has hit... as of 7.30 this morning 30 years ago today I decided to show my face (my mother tells me... after 30+ hours of agony... I'm not sure if she has decided it was worth it yet ;-)!!! I'm now officially, well in my terms anyhow, an adult. I'm hoping that this does not mean I'll start wearing beige and become obsessed with Cliff... still its a new era of possibilities, I'm lucky to be here and be healthy and here's to the next thirty!

I've had a wonderful break. Mbira camp was AMAZING! I met lots of lovely people and revisited some others I've met before. I learned so much it was untrue and I've come back with three new songs to irritate my neighbours with! (not to mention the gourd shakers I'm planning on getting to practice hosho!!! - I think I'm the neighbour from hell... I'll be featured on one of those programmes I'm sure!.... the phantom shaker player from old Liverpool town!) I'm hoping that I'll be able to post some piccies when I get some e-mailed to me from the people with cameras. Thanks again to the lovely Eve and James who picked me up and dropped me off and put up with me in the car for a total of 14 hours (you will get your rewards in a better place lads!)

I suppose I'd better get on with it then, lots to catch up on, nearly 150 e-mails to do something with, birthday or no birthday!




Angel Jem said...

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear Sarah!
Happy Birthday to You!

Glad you had a good time at Mbira camp. It sounds like fun... and will you be growing your own gourds to play with? Welcome to the thirties!

Anonymous said...

I saw on Brocante Home Salon that today is your birthday. I loved turning 30! I finally felt like a grown-up, as odd as that sounds. LOL

Enjoy your birthday!