Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Cookin' on Gas

It finally happened. I've got myself a camera. I'm going to remember to bring the camera with me to take some photo's soon! I have a few action shots of Sophie playing mbira as requested by Jem! They aren't bad for a first go, but its going to be a good long while before I'm David Bailey!

I'm all excited and I'm seeing things everywhere that I want to photograph now, even more than I did... is that normal or will it wear off?????

I also had an exciting shopping trip at lunchtime. I bought some gorgeous pie dishes in pink and blue in the marvelous lunchtime destination of TJ Hughes! For only 3 and 4 pounds respectively they are a bargain too! I'm going to have to make some pies now!! - mmm Apple and Blackberry...... Okay... hungry now....

Here's to tomorrow and hopefully my first picture posting!!!!!


Angel Jem said...

Yo girl, go for it!

Angel Jem said...

Thanks for popping by... I just needed to clarify... in with anger, out with love? Or out with anger, in with love?