Thursday, 28 May 2009

Thursday full of Bob

Dylan that is...

Every so often I get stuck on an album and I just can't get enough of it for a few weeks, at the moment it's "another side of Bob Dylan" my favourites being Chimes of Freedom and To Ramona...

Reading: The tenant of wildfell hall (every time I type this I type Wilfred hall and have to correct it!)
Listening: Bob of course with some Mendelsohn (Violin Concerto in E minor) interdispersed!
Drinking: Nowt...
Liking: That it's nearly the weekend
Looking forward to: getting my hair done on Saturday morning - anyone any preference on colour for this month?
Coveting: This print on etsy from the black apple so much that I just had to have it!

Photo of the day.... what do you recon - shall I go back to the purple?

1 comment:

Hollace said...

The purple is really pretty with your skin color. It's a pretty purple, too, not too dark or harsh. Good luck!