Monday, 18 May 2009

Mad Monday

Well that weekend didn't last very long did it...
I'm actually glad to be back at work, lots of hard work in the pipeline, I like it more when it's in it's anticipatory stage though:)

Listening: Benny Goodman & Bud Flanagan (underneath the arches...) oh I was born after my time!
Looking forward to: Pottery Class
Wishing: for inspiration
Drinking: About to make 4th cup of tea of the day
Making: It's a secret (shh)
Enjoying: Planning Big Si's 60th and retirement do - not 'til August but oh have we got plans for you Mr Simon!
Liking: Posy's mosaics
Feeling relieved for: Sandi and Sonny

Picture of the day: Sopher's lovely flowers from Ma's 60th party... how many of these was it Sophers?... 27... 28?!!!

1 comment:

Sophers said...

I can't remeber now but it was alot, they looked very cute though!!!