Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Back again

Hasn't the weather been lovely, although I do resent the fact that it's soooo nice during the day when I have to work, so todays cooler weather is great, much more pleasant!

I've left the lead for my camera somewhere so I can't even show you the lovely pottery pictures from yesterday evenings class (boo)

Anyhow back to business

Looking forward to: A trip to Cath Kidston tomorrow. I've a 15% off voucher and an hour to spend in there, I'm so not going to be able to hold myself back!!!
Enjoying: Quieter days at work before the big binding storm
Thinking: of exciting things for Big Si's party
Coveting: Dinner with Mr Fox
Wishing: There was more time in the day to read
Drinking: Coffee
Reading: The Spooks Sacrifice (I abandoned Wildfell Hall - no pun intended)

As no pictures... have a look here. I read the book last year and enjoyed it, I love Meryl and Amy and can't wait for the film!

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Papoosue said...

Well, firstly thanks for the utube link - hadn't heard of that one at all - off to look for the book now! Secondly, nice to hear from you more and more and have a fab time at Cath Kidston!!!!!xxxxxx