Wednesday, 17 June 2009


All of a sudden, we (in Liverpool anyway) are getting a flashback to last summer, to say it's raining is actually not doing this precipitation justice. It's not so much raining cats and dogs as horses and cows.

Anyway back to business

Enjoying: The fact we are over halfway through the week already - how did that happen???
Liking: Freebies from a supplier - I love freebies, pens, paper, highlighters, post-it's I'm a bit of a stationery whore too!
Looking forwards to: some hopefully dry weather for Africa Oye!
Working towards: Three year freedom plan
Also working towards: Not being frightened of the three year freedom plan
Not looking forward to: The end of pottery - only 2 weeks left now... still good news yesterday, the tutor from this course is most likely going to be the tutor for next year which is good as I know he won't make me throw if I don't want to!
Making: I've finished 10 of the 20 placenta's although I did forget to take a photo... next time!
More Making and planning: Big Si's party, currently knitting Tea Cosies, I think I'll knit a spare one for a blog give-away...
Trying: Not to make another visit to Cath Kidston before payday!
Going: To the pictures with the lovely Steve and Sophers
Listening to: Lisa Hannigan and The Specials

Photo of the day: Sefton Park on a day when we actually had some Sun... keep your wot nots crossed please!

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