Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Does anyone else have difficulty naming their posts?

I had a lovely parcel in the post this morning, the prints I ordered from Etsy - I'll frame them and post a picture!
It's pottery class again this evening. It finishes in a few weeks and although I've signed up for next year, I'm going to miss it lots over the summer. I've got plenty on to keep me busy, what with big Si's party and all, but still I'm not looking forward to the last lesson, or should that be session as the teacher pretty much lets us do what we want and is there for advice. It feels very freeing in a way that not much else other than sewing does. Turning a lump of clay into something, be it a pot, cup, vase or sculpture, seeing it take form slowly (or sometimes quickly) in front of you is a simple pleasure I'd like to do more of.

Reading: Trashy chicklit - too trashy even to recall the name of it...(memory is terrible these days)
Listening: Fleet Foxes another re-visited obsession!
Enjoying: Pottery
Annoyed: That I didn't win the lottery roll-over so I could become independently wealthy and not have to work for a living (anyone have a rich son they want to get rid of...?)
Drinking: About to be Polly!
Making: More weird sculpture
Looking forward to: a gin and tonic and catch up with a friend after class

No pictures - terrible... but have a listen to this instead!

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