Friday, 5 June 2009

I'm sick of mad questions

I had a conversation today with a colleague where we discussed the "there is no such thing as an odd/stupid question" to decided that no, there aren't only to be proved wrong by several Library users on the trot. Why these things always happen on Fridays is beyond me, but there we go... I do wonder if it is just me too...

Reading: Just finished The Spooks Sacrifice, brilliant, much better than boring the tenant of wildfell hall anyday (sorry Miss Bronte)
Drinking: Water
Answering/ed: Odd (very) questions
Wishing: That I could do something exciting tomorrow - Sophers - do you fancy the Tate?
Pleased: That Sophie, Anna and I did well (we didn't win) in the Pub quiz and that we were sitting in the right order at the table to get an appropriate team name...
Pondering: What in the name of Bob I'm going to get the lovely Steve who's birthday is on Sunday
Also Pondering: Why people rave about the film Marie Antoinette. I saw it last night, granted the sets and costumes are great, but I did spend the entire film waiting for her to be sent to the guillotine...

Photo of the day: Brilliant photo of Hamish I found when clearing my camera - watch out... here he comes.... Lazer-eye-cat.... Run away, Run away!

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