Sunday, 21 June 2009

Sefton Park

Sophers and I went to Africa Oye yesterday. It was a lovely afternoon. Great Acts, fab stalls and the best bit of all, a lovely walk around the park. I took lots of photo's so today's will be a photo post! Today has been good too, I went to craft fair where I bumped into my pottery tutor who had a stall there, so Dad is the proud recipient of one of his mugs, it'd have been rude not to, especially as it's Father's Day! Happy Father's Day Dad! (who has just walked past the door on the way to feed Dougal saying - and this is verbatim, "oooh cut your noise you screaming little git") Poor Dad, Dougal has taking to climbing his trouser-leg and yelling at him to be fed about fifty times a day, dad is too nice and Dougal has him wrapped around his little finger with the result that Dougal shouts at Dad and Dad shouts back at Dougal providing my mother with hours of amusement as they follow each other around the house and garden! What happens after he's been fed, well he comes up and sits on Dad's knee for a cuddle... Men eh?!!!

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