Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Da da DAHHHHHH!!!!!!

Here it is, my first post with pics!!

I have posted before about my attempts to learn mbira... well this is what mine looks like. It is a Zimbabwean instrument and it sounds amazing! I have been learning since last May when I went to my aunts house in France for my first mbira camp. I've been this year to one in Scotland and hopefully I'll manage to get the Devon one too!

This is the "action" shot of Sophie (my sister) who also plays to demonstrate how it is held. What you can't see is that the little finger of her right hand is placed through the hole to help hold it in place! (please excuse very untidy living room floor - we had been magazine reading and knitting and eating lovely things from the farmers market!)

Oh and here is a bad photo of some brilliant fireworks I saw along the Mersey last Thursday!

see.... I told ya - I'm really not David Bailey!!!!


Sophie said...

My hands look weird. I never really look at myself play mbira from afar. The blog looks lovely keep going with the photo's.


Angel Jem said...

Yo Sarah! Excellent photos... and how lovely to see someone else's living room looking like the nuclear bomb had exploded. And now I know what a mbira looks like I'll be able to point to it in TJ Hughes and say "I'd like one of those, please"
Although, I'm a bit disappointed it was your sister's hands and not yours. Can't you take photos with your teeth, yet? Have a good day tomorrow!

Angel Jem said...

PS I like the quilt.

Primrose Hill said...

Hi Sarah,
I'm intrigued, I've never heard of mbira and I'm fairly up on my musical instruments! What kind of sound does it make?
L x
P.S. love all the photos!