Thursday, 26 April 2007

Where have I been!!!

Apologies for the long absence - I've been a very busy girl and away from anything resembling a computer!

Well it has been an exciting time. My Mum has now become a retired pensioner lady! (she still doesn't look it!) Her retirement/birthday party went off with a bang. She really enjoyed herself! She has refused to let me post a picture of the lady herself so I'm afraid you will have to put up with other pictures from the evening!

First of all the cake..... now let me explain... my Mum was a very talented and experienced Tissue Viability Nurse and part of her job was to put maggots in wounds to help heal them. It sounds barbaric I know, but they are in her words "natures little surgeons" and are brilliant. A friend of hers from work made the cake, we thought it might put people off but it has all gone!!!!

And a little close up..... (not for the squeamish!)

My gorgeous sister and I spent a long time thinking and making of decorations including 28 bunches of flowers in glasses and inkwells and teacups and jugs with little luggage labels welcoming everyone place on traycloths and napkins and hankies on the tables, as well 20 metres of bunting!

My gorgeous and talented florist of a sister, the oft mentioned Sophers!!!

Her floral handiwork

and a few pictures of the room and assorted decorations!

Oh and finally, part of the deal with Sophers that allowed me to post a picture of her was that I had to post one of here goes, here I am with my friend Louie, we have been best friends since the age of 4 and we are hoping that it will continue into our dotage! (I'm the strange looking blonde one not the glamorous brunette!)

I hope you have enjoyed my mammoth post! I'll have to start catching up on my blog reading now!!!


Sophers said...


Everyone will now think I am a florist. I think you got away with the best photo there. My flowers do look very pretty even if I do say so myself. Gosh we are talented sisters! The bunting looks beautiful by the way.

Angel Jem said...

Lovely party... the bunting looks good, be glad your Mum wasn't a gastroenterology nurse (or worse, a colonoscopist) ((strange cakes)) and it's lovely to see you and Sophers in the flesh, as it were. A good time was had by all, I venture to ask?

Papoosue said...

You two are so clever! What a lot of work you did. I loved the cake! Must have been a fab party. It's strange (in a good way lol) to see you in the flesh - you are so young and gorgeous (grrrr)!!!

The Wine Makers Wife said...

I love your thoughtful decorations and your sister's whimsical floral arrangment was so sweet!! Your mom is lucky to have such wonderful daughters. You didn't say what flavor the cake was!! Was it red velvet?