Thursday, 12 April 2007

Every Picture Tells a Story

Its countdown time for my Mum. She is retiring 6 days from today and celebrating her 60th Birthday a few days after that. I unfortunately cannot post here about what we are getting her or anything that can be considered as surprise as she sometimes checks this blog and has been known to comment too (hello mum!) I should have kept it a secret until afterwards, still you can look forward to the pictures that tell the tale of the descent into lunacy that will be the retirement / birthday party we are having next weekend!

I was working on my bookmark design for the swap I'm participating in last night. I found a great book to send with it too, I'll hopefully get things finally made and sent off this weekend! It was such a pleasure to collapse into my chair with my sewing box (see below) that I love which was a present from my lovely siblings Sophers and Bertie. I hope that you all had a lovely evening too.

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Angel Jem said...

Living room & sewing box, cup of tea, homemade biscuits & you're set for a lovely day... The living room looks cute & I love the pink lined basket. I'm still making my bookmark & will have it posted by earlt next week!