Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Meet Doris

I'd like for you all to meet Doris! Doris is my Librarian action figure (with realistic shushing action!) who sits and looks over me whilst I work. Doris was given to me by my cousin who picked her up on a trip to the states. Isn't she great! She's even based on a real life Librarian by the name of Nancy Pearl.

I'd also like to thank you all for your kind comments on my photo's! The mbira sounds almost unique, a little bit harpish, a little bit windchimish... I really can't think of how to describe it! If you check out amazon, they let you play excerpts from some of their mbira cd's!
Wikipedia has this link
And this is our teacher Chartwell Dutiro

1 comment:

Steve Revill said...

I think Doris is great - she can keep an eye on you - but be careful i bet she doesnt miss a thing!!!!!!!