Sunday, 24 June 2007

French Leave

It has to be said I do like it when Mr & Mrs LSM go on their Jollydays as they always return with something lovely! She has posted about some of the fab things she got so too so go and have a goosey!

A few weeks ago I posted regarding some fab vintage hankies she gave me... well... I got some more - sooo cute!!!

Look at the Birdies on this one!

And how cute is this!!!
I also got some fab larder goodies in a fab reusable bag from "Eddies" - otherwise known as E. Leclerc!!! Dad has Christened it Eddies for some reason, I think it sounds fab said in your best scouse as Eeeeee Leclerc!!!!!

I shall have no need of plastic bags ever again!!!!
I hope that the weather is better everywhere else than it is here!!!
Make sure to come and visit tomorrow too as I suspect that there will be exciting news!!!!
Be good, and if you can't be good... well don't bother!!!! ;-)


Anonymous said...

You lucky girl! Lovely hankies. I remember that you kids all had those hankies with days of the week on when you were little. Can't get them now. We had Noddy ones for years but they finally fell apart and went the way of all well used things.

Can't wait for the exciting news tomorrow!!!


tash said...

Lovely photos, especially the hankies. I have inherited some very old hankies which are as soft as goose-down, and they are kept with lavender sachets in my undie drawer for when I have a wunny-nowse!

Love the eco-shopping bags too - have you seen the new Co-Op ones? The first UK supermarket fairtrade cotton shopping bags = me in love :D

Can't wait to hear Exciting News!

Angel Jem said...

I love real handkerchiefs but only when they are ironed properly & folded with the embroidery or the pretty part showing.... otherwise it's Kleenex for me!

Papoosue said...

yum yum and yum! What gorgeous goodies Sarah. I seem to remember those days of the week hankies too. Lovely!