Sunday, 3 June 2007

The post with no name

Nope - I haven't been watching Clint Eastwood, I've just to many things happening in this post to name it properly (I know it doesn't usually stop me!)

Firstly I discovered a new blog via LSM a few days ago Sophie Honeysuckle. It is a fab blog go and look this instant if you haven't already! She really likes wedding photo's so I said I'd post ones from my Grandparents. I can't get a good one of them both in this light so I'll post this one of my Grandma on her own and then the both of them another day!

That is my Grandma Eileen, LSM's mummy, doesn't she look happy!!! You can't really tell, but the photo has been touched up with colour and she has proper rosy cheeks and rosebud lips! quite apt really as she became Mrs Rose!

Its been rather a strange weekend all in all. Like a game of two halves, yesterday it was beautiful, sunny, warm and fab. Today however has been another matter, rather grey, muggy and yup, you guessed it, raining... still Sophers, LSM and I took the opportunity yesterday of a trip to Lady Heyes craft and restoration centre which is out near Frodsham in Cheshire. We had a great time spent our pennies on buttons, ribbon a dinky table and craft supplies. One of the friendliest places there is Crab Apple crafts, they have lots of supplies to make you squeal with glee! I got some fab paper and some gorgeous ribbon, as did LSM and the lovely lady Tracy let me take some photos to show you!

I just love ribbons on reels like that it reminds me of jewels and sweeties and craft afternoons at School and Charlie and the Chocolate factory!

Then after an afternoon in the garden I was looking forward to similar today, but had to spend the time trying to sort out my house before Kim and Aggie come a knocking on the door!!!

One of the things about this blog that I didn't expect is rather than inspiring me to make more, which in a way it has, it has made me shy, I've got a sort of crafting stage fright after seeing (and receiving) some of the fab things that the people out there make. In an effort to ease myself back in gently, I'm making a little patchwork tablecloth for my garden table (only v small enough for tea and book... and maybe a little sewing) out of all of the scraps that I've got. I'm doing it the "English" way with papers, so it's going to take a while! So today I'll sign off with the beginnings of its construction.


Anonymous said...

I recognised Grandma Eileen straight away. She was a very pretty lady. Lovely photo, you did well.
Lady Heyes is one of my favourite places too. Remember I bought a quilt there three years ago. It is in daily use. I couldn't have made it cheaper. Your fabric looks interesting! I'm sure the little table cloth will be cute.
Get sewing, I want to see it finished by August! :-)

Papoosue said...

Your Grandma looks lovely - really happy. My Nana has a photo of her and her brother and they have got rosy 'touched up' cheeks too! I am liking the look of all that fabric by the way, can't wait to see it all put together. You have nothing to feel shy or have stage fright about missus - I've got the bunting to prove it!xx

tash said...

I wonder what future relatives will think of my own wedding photos in many years to come! Probably "what on earth was she thinking?!" hehe.

Your grandmother looked very happy, those old photos show more than modern ones, I think.

Angel Jem said...

Lovely photos... and lady Heyes looked cool too! I only went once when my daughter had a birthday party to go to there... but it's on my list of 'places I need to go when I have a little spare cash'. Long list, no sign of taking anything off!

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Thank-you so much for posting that lovely photo- my favourite era, I was drooling over it!! And for making such nice comments about my blog-I'm glad you like it!! Your blog is really interesting too,I have added it to my favourites-see you soon I hope!! Have a fun week ahead!!

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Hi again- I forgot to say, it would be lovely if you could post more wedding photos when you go to your mum's house!! I love looking at them!
P.S. I quite like your blog having no name yet!!!

Lesley said...

I love that photo of your Grandma. I love how people used to colour in their black and white photos. My nan used to do it too.

I bought a lovely teacup from Lady Heyes a couple of months ago. I should go there more often. I forget that the crafty place is there.

P.s. Found you through Na's blog - shadowsandclouds.

Papoosue said...

Just looking at your blog again Sarah, and looking at the shop reminds me how much I love Stickles and ribbon.... sigh.... x

sara, the house of charm said...

Your grandma looks very happpy, indeed, in that photo!

The Wooden Spool said...

Loverly! Love all the pretties here!

treena said...

hello, lovely tracy from crab apple, told me to look at your blog !! its really really nice, you should look at mine somtime, i think we like the same things!!

. said...

Candy for the eyes!