Friday, 29 June 2007

Oh joy of joy's its the weekend

It is source of bemusement to me that I always feel worse and more tired after a short working week than after the full five days.... Work is incredibly busy at the moment as we are approaching the end of term and as we are interviewing for a new post on Monday, we have been preparing for that, I spent a happy two hours with the lovely Steve at the bookshop just picking stuff off the shelves and not worrying about the cost.... oh soooooo much fun!!!! Anyhoo less of the boring stuff! Actually I have been v boring this week - (apart from obviously Monday!) The smallest quilt in the world is still small... but getting bigger all the time... see below as modelled by Sophers!

I now have no ideas on what to do with it... so if you have a suggestion I'd be pleased to hear it!

I managed to get this photo in the Garden at the weekend and I thought I'd show it (see I really have had a lean week!!!)

Obviously was feeling brave... perhaps birdie knew that it's nemesis was otherwise occupied and it was safe to be about.....

It's now on to mega shop shop weekend , Lark Lane Farmer's market, then George Henry Lee's (John Lewis) for the Debbie Bliss sale and then Azkaban (or Abakhan/El Kilo) for an up to 70% fabric sale...then... Car Boot on Sunday..... Phew - I'll be glad to get back to work I think! I'll certainly need to if I'm going to spend as much as I think I will.

Hope everyone out there has a great one too!


Anonymous said...

OK Sarah, this is what you must do. Firstly, put another row of squares on the side with only 7. That will give you a square. Then you need a one and a half inch border all around in the red fabric. Then pick the fabric that you have most of and sew a three inch border onto the red.
It will make a lovely table topper.

nĂ  said...

that does indeed sound like a hectic weekend, but lots of fun too! car boot sales, we don't have them in italy, how i miss them! enjoy!!!

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi - Just found your blog and read your 'about me'. I love the thought of your house being stirred with a spoon. I know EXACTLY what you mean!!!


Papoosue said...

Have a lovely shopping weekend Sarah. x

tash said...

It sounds like you've had a wonderful weekend, did you get any bargains?! We have a carboot sale near us on a Sunday, but I can't go because I work on Sunday! Not fair! But then again, we're being thrifty at the moment and if my husband sees another 1930's pristine condition enamelware saucepan he might well throttle me!

Angel Jem said...

Line it with something wonderful & make a bag with it. Like red silk/ silk damask. And put a leather shoulder strap on... it would be sooooo BoHo chic & sooooo unique!
Glad you had a good weekend, hope the interviews went well.

Lizzie said...

Its so pretty that I think I would bind it as is, and hang it on a miniature quilt rack on the wall! Its very sweet, and you did a great job.

Love the picture of the bird in your garden, too!

Alison said...

My patchwork projects never get past cushion I make a lot of patchwork cushions!!!!!
Alison x

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Haha-think you should parcel up your lovely little quilt and send it to me!!!! No, only joking, you could turn it into a cushion?

buttercup & roses said...

Lovely little quilt, but even more lovely, your gorgous kitty!!

Cant wait to see the end result of that quilt.


Linda said...

I just finished a patchwork quilt like that for a xmas gift
I would make it bigger.
I will post it on my blog log{Lin 7}