Monday, 19 February 2007

Another day.... another dollar

Isn't it a lovely new week. Don't weekends seem to accelerate the older you get!!!

Well just three work get ups for me this week, then I'm off on Mbira leave! I'm even more excited today than I was when I first posted about it! Then I'm off to Carnforth to visit family, after that, then the big time hits......The big 30....

All activities in the next few weeks will be to distract me from the date that I'm convinced will be the clock signalling my speedy decline into senility. I don't know why I'm being so daft about it. People keep telling me 30 is the new 21, well you know what, 21 seems like a much nicer number to me! Although, as most people will probably tell you, I'd like to be 21 again and I know what I know now! Still as far as I'm concerned it is an excuse to break out the whisky and have a little commiseration!


Nonnie said...

I know that '30' feeling. I dreaded my 30th but really it's not so bad. Wait until you reach 35 which I did last Birthday! Then you feel like it's down hill until 40! But you know really, it's just another day. Not so bad at all and you're only as old as you feel so keep feeling 21!

Angel Jem said...

21 or 30? well, as someone who is 18 months away from the big 4-0, I say 30 everytime! Think what you were really like at 21? Would you want to go there again? 30 is a glorious age, an age of bravery and adventure. Get on out there and live, young lady.