Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Nice Cup of Tea

Justa quick question.... How many cups of tea do you think it appropriate one person drink in the space of an evening, 2....3..... what about 9....Do we think this is excessive??... In my defence they were only little cups and I was getting into my new book. In answer to your question lady Jem, the book I bought was Matisse, his art and textiles... beautiful book. The book I was reading last night was called the Brooklyn Follies, I'm reserving judgement so far, but I've brought it to read today at lunch so it must be growing on me!

I'm out of novels after this.... any suggestions?


Angel Jem said...

I've just read 'Not Buying it' by Judith Levine, not a novel but interesting reading all the same. I now have to read 'The Kite Runner' by the man whose name I can never remember by next Thursday. After that, I'm catching up on a couple of classics; I haven't read Jane Austen for a while, and since sombody's been clever enough to release them in a chick-lit cover, I can read them on the bus and not look like a poseur. What sort of books are you looking for?

Anonymous said...


Sophie said...

Hi Sarah

This is Sophie Sorry bout the gobledygook was just testing.

I was very grateful for your mercy mission on Saturday and will certainly be coming to your house and confiscating the tea. 9 cups is a little excessive!!!!!

Soph xxx

Pixie said...

Now I know you like your tea lady but that is taking the Miguel slightly. You will start to look like a tea bag at this rate!