Thursday, 15 February 2007

Cryptic riddles

Today's post will be a strange one me thinks. Have you ever done something you wish you hadn't but, are oddly glad you did because it forced you to look at something else you hadn't considered? Please don't ask me to explain, but I'm in that position at the moment. Now like most people (I think, please correct me if you think I'm wrong) me and my life are a mass of contradictions. Personality wise I swing from lunacy to quiet shyness dependant upon the people I'm with, and how I know them (or to be honest what part of me I'm trying to hide to prevent scaring 'em) . I count myself very lucky to know and get on with lots of people, yet only probably half a dozen actually can recognise when I'm being "completely" myself and I think it is a good thing. Its a good thing to keep certain aspects of your life to yourself isn't it? Apart from the fact that I like to surprise people who think they know what I'm about (part of the breaking Librarian stereotypes malarkey I suspect!), I think some things are meant just for you.

I think for the most part, me is the quiet shy one who can always call up the lunatic when needed. But when creating which is what I was doing last night, there was something different that inhabits below the surface, not something I've noticed much before but I'm sure that recent events have unleashed. The question is, am I brave enough to let it out? I'm not convinced yet... but what happens if I don't?

I was wondering how easy it would be to be honest on a blog, it is surprisingly easy and so so hard at the same time. It's easy to acknowledge when everything is not as usual, but hard to put it into words. So I'm sending out this post, without any expectation of comments, I just needed to submit it to "paper"

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Anonymous said...

you are but a wandering spirit, not unlike everyone else but you possess the ability to analyze yourself from a third person perspective. which will lead you to answer some questions you have searched for in your life but will never give you the satisfaction of knowing what your truly looking for. Try switching of the head champ and try and decode your feelings, because thoughts can be altered, never feelings. :-)