Thursday, 1 February 2007

Why does everything happen at once?????

This morning whilst hovering between asleep and awake and filling the kettle I walked to the fridge to retrieve the milk and stepped in a puddle of water.... yup... the third freezer has defrosted itself... After much swearing and being glad that it is bin day I emptied what was left (not much in there after a week of lurgy and not wanting to go shopping) so hopefully that'll be it. The other two things 1st one - central heating, 2nd one - dodgy chimney.

Sorry now rant over on to more exciting things. I've had another comment - I will learn how to reply properly to you individually (bless me for a Librarian I'm remarkably useless with technology) AND someone from the land of the scousers too. (Thank you!)

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Angel Jem said...

It's always a pain when the freezer breaks, isn't it? positive thought (my middle name should have been Pollyanna); at least you hadn't been on a years long cruise when it broke. Cheered you up already!