Monday, 5 February 2007

Turned out nice again!

On Friday I seem to remember posting that there were no plans for the weekend.... well this changed. I ended up coming to work with my sister on a mercy mission on Sat (far too long and boring to go into) so that was that and then on sunday.... well I have to admit I slept in 'til 12 and then went to a book shop (yet again did not come out empty handed) but hey - its a book.... no harm ever came from buying books. Then I spent sunday evening cutting out squares for my mum who is making a patchwork for her friends daughter. It will be "our" third this year, after two massive wedding quilts it will be a pleasure just to do a single bed quilt! So still fairly quiet weekend, but good none the less! (despite no time for sculpture) never mind! starts the new working week!

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Angel Jem said...

What did you buy? Chick lit or something heavier?