Thursday, 8 February 2007

Famous last words

It looks like someone didn't hear me regarding this snow doesn't it!

Never mind. There are things that are lovely about it. I love the way it feels when it falls on your eyelashes. The way everything becomes clean. Making the first footprints, turning round and looking where you have been. I love the way it turns adults into children when they have a snowfight. I work in a very multicultural environment and I have witnessed lots of people seeing the first snow in their lives this week. That has been a lovely experience, so perhaps someone knew what they were doing after all.

Mmmmm.... time for another cup of tea me thinks....!

Here's to great snowy days

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Angel Jem said...

And, as of 2pm it's still falling! That means, come 3.30, I shall collect 3 very excited children & have a snowman/snowman competition.... can I rely upon you to make the tea for me?