Friday, 16 February 2007

That Friday Feelin'

I've not been so glad it is the weekend for a LONG time. This week seems to have been never- ending. What with the Fridge part of the Fridge freezer now having given up the ghost (I've only had the thing 4 years....) ARGHHHHHHH and the strategic gubbins that I've had to concoct for work and will be quizzed about next Tuesday in the way PhD students are when they have their Viva, I'm more than ready for a large glass of something alcoholic this evening. I have the latest Issues of Fiberarts and Country Living and I'm going to have a little chill out (probably some Chinese... or... oooh a curry) and have an early night... all ready for what will be the mentalness of the weekend and much bunting and invitation construction for mum's impending retirement party (only 9 weeks to go... not that she's counting!) And probably a visit to St Helens to drop off presents for my little cousin Helena who is going to be 2 very soon!

I hope that anyone out there reading this has a marvelous weekend too!


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Angel Jem said...

Happy Birthday to Helena! And enjoy the relaxing weekend. The new CL has some interesting articles in about farming and the countryside, (and some lovely photos, of course!)