Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Everyday in May

The lovely French Toast Girl has put forward the suggestion of "Everyday in May" The idea is to create something everyday and post it on your blog, it doesn't have to be brilliant, the idea is just to be creative. Go and visit her blog and have a read! http://www.frenchtoastgirl.com/weblog/blogger.shtml

I'm sorry I can't link to the post directly - my poor technological skills will not allow it! so go to the post from 27th April et voila!

Still go and have a visit and admire what she does, even if you can't quite bring yourself to do something everyday!

Well here is my first do something everyday, a photograph .... Everyday we drive past this on the way to work.... I've often wondered what was once behind it...... any ideas? I'll send some bunting to the person who comes up with the most original suggestion!!!


tash said...

A great idea, that'd be a good way of finding a bit of creative 'mojo' - I ran out in October, but I can feel it beginning to come back, yay!

Lovely photo!

Angel Jem said...

Sign me up... I'll last about, oh, two days, but as long as I can post retrospectively I can join in! Also, was it a lunatic asylum?

oldmanemu said...

it is an old jail

Primrose Hill said...

Fab idea, will have to go and have a look, posting every day would be the bit that gets me, I never seem to have the camera when I need it!

I think it looks like the entrance to a prison aswell.

L x

Sophers said...

Were you hanging out of the window of the car when you took this??????

I think it was a meeting room for the gin soaked boys!!!!he he

Sarah said...

I was indeed hanging out of the window with Dad going - what in the name of (remove expletive) are you doing??

Have you been listening to Divine Comedy perchance?????!!!

Papoosue said...

Well it's obviously where they are hiding all the good men. Knock knock, Mr Darcy, are you in there?