Thursday, 24 May 2007

No luck just yet..

I've still not had any luck in persuading Mum, but one of her oldest friends (and i actually mean longest standing here - no offence to anyone!!) Jenny has started a blog of her own as has her daughter Rowena. Jenny makes fab quilts and Rowena has recently become a Mum and will in her way be very brutally honest about everything from what I know of Row! So go and have a visit! Jenny is coming over to visit us in August so I'm expecting some proper hard quilting lessons!

It is definitely the month for birthday's, as it is Bertie BB's tomorrow.... he's going to be 24 bless him I just hope that he isn't to down in the dumps after the result of last nights match..... glossing over that, I must get him the rest of his pressie... looks like a little shopping expedition for me later!

I've been reading the posts over at Tree Fall Design about Manda's New York trip, to say I'm excited for Louie and my 30th birthday adventure in October is vastly understating it, I'm so excited I might just pass out on the floor. Just think all those magazines and fabrics and notions and ITS NEW YORK PEOPLE... the museums, the galleries, the restaurants, central park, the Chrysler building....... the Library with those Lions... do you think they'd let me have a job swap.....?


sophers said...


I also need to get bertie's pressie shall we shop together tonight?

Did I mention I was going to Africa in approx 6 weeks. Also Blimey 6 weeks away!!!!!!

going to have a squiz at rowenas now!

Papoosue said...

Hello missus and thank you so much for the utterly fantastic, gorgeous, magnificent BUNTING!!! Yes, I love it (can you tell?). I will get a photo up on my blog as soon as poss so everyone can feast upon the loveliness. I am being good and revising (honest).xxxxxxx